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  • Part Number: 0070G1
  • Manufacturer: Rosemont
  • Description: Flap Position Transmitter


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Are you in the market for aircraft instrument and avionics part number 0070G1 manufactured by Rosemont with description as Flap Position Transmitter? Part number 0070G1 is now available and ready for immediate shipping.

Aircraft instrument systems include all components designed to produce information about the airplane, including the condition and status of components, communication, engines, cabin environment, etc. Our inventory features a wide range of aircraft instrument systems, including various engine and flight instruments. To expedite your request for a quote, call us at our toll-free number, +1-857-323-5480. You can also email us your Bill of Materials (BOM) at To keep updated on all the latest parts and offers, download the ASAP Semiconductor mobile app from the Google Play or the App Store.

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