Aircraft Towbar Part Numbers Online Inventory by Page - 2

Part No Manufacturer Description QTY RFQ
01-0705-0002 tronair multi-head, airbus a-300 Avl RFQ
01-0706-0000 tronair multi-head, md 80, dc-9 Avl RFQ
01-0707-0000 tronair portable towbar head, boeing 737 (clamp) Avl RFQ
01-0708-0000 tronair portable-head, boeing 737 (pin) Avl RFQ
01-0709-0000 tronair portable towbar head, boeing 737 (boeing clamp) Avl RFQ
01-0710-0000 tronair portable towbar head, air a321/320/319/318 Avl RFQ
01-0711-0000 tronair portable towbar head, boeing 757 Avl RFQ
01-0712-0000 tronair portable-head, boeing 727 Avl RFQ
01-0713-0000 tronair multi-head, boeing 727 Avl RFQ
01-0714-0000 tronair multi-head, boeing 737-100/900 Avl RFQ
01-0801-0010 tronair head, global express (ce) Avl RFQ
01-0801-8010 tronair head, global express (ce) Avl RFQ
01-0802-0011 tronair head, gulfstream gii-gv (ce) Avl RFQ
01-0803-0000 tronair crj towbar head - crj700, crj900, crj1000, crj705 & challenger 870 / 890 Avl RFQ
01-0806-0010 tronair gulfstream head (ce) - g350, g450, g500, g550, ii, iii, iv, v, vsp, 650 Avl RFQ
01-0810-0000 tronair global 7000 / 8000 towbar head Avl RFQ
01-1101-0000 tronair custom citation towbar - with mounted head (ce) Avl RFQ
01-1102-0010 tronair custom learjet towbar & head (ce) Avl RFQ
01-1106-0000 tronair custom towbar, gulfstream gi-giv (ce) Avl RFQ
01-1109-0010 tronair snap-back / portable towbar - king air beech 99, c-12, queen air, u-21, sj30-21 Avl RFQ
01-1112-0010 tronair portable towbar - learjet, cessna aircraft, citations, aero commander, turbo commander, mooney, aerostar, navajo Avl RFQ
01-1122-0010 tronair towbar, snap-back various (ce) Avl RFQ
01-1124-0000 tronair towbar, custom bac 1-11 Avl RFQ
01-1127-0000 tronair s-76 complete towbar (ce) Avl RFQ
01-1127-0000-A3 tronair towbar, custom s-76 lnt Avl RFQ
01-1127-0006 tronair towbar, portable sikorsky s-76 (ce) Avl RFQ
01-1134-0006 tronair portable bell towbar (ce) - 222, 230, and 430 Avl RFQ
01-1142-0000 tronair towbar, snap-back metro Avl RFQ
01-1148-0000 tronair towbar, portable as 365n (ce) Avl RFQ
01-1154-0000 tronair portable a109 towbar (ce) - a109a, a109c, a109e, a109s, mark ii Avl RFQ
01-1155-0000 tronair towbar, custom dornier 228 (ce Avl RFQ
01-1161-0009 tronair custom bae 146 towbar (ce) Avl RFQ
01-1165-0012 tronair towbar, 737-100/200 without towpin Avl RFQ
01-1166-0010 tronair towbar, custom dc-9, md-80 Avl RFQ
01-1170-0010 tronair snap-back caravan towbar (ce) - caravan 208, 208b, and 406. Avl RFQ
01-1176-0010 tronair custom fokker f-28 towbar (ce) Avl RFQ
01-1179-0010 tronair portable beechjet 400a / diamond towbar (ce) Avl RFQ
01-1182-0010 tronair towbar, custom jetstar (ce) Avl RFQ
01-1183-0000 tronair custom falcon 10-100 / 20-200 towbar with head (ce) Avl RFQ
01-1185-0006 tronair sikorsky portable towbar (ce) - s-61, s-70, uh-60, ah-64 Avl RFQ
01-1185-0011 tronair custom towbar - sikorsky s-61, uh-60 black hawk, apache ah-64 (ce) Avl RFQ
01-1186-0000 tronair towbar, custom challenger (ce) Avl RFQ
01-1187-0011 tronair towbar, saab sf-340 custom (ce Avl RFQ
01-1188-0010 tronair towbar, custom sd330/360 Avl RFQ
01-1189-0012 tronair casa cn-235 / hc-144a towbar Avl RFQ
01-1193-0010 tronair towbar, custom atp (ce) Avl RFQ
01-1196-0010 tronair towbar, portable challenger (ce) Avl RFQ
01-1201-0010 tronair multi-head towbar - tow up to 75,000 lbs (ce) Avl RFQ
01-1201-0010-A1 tronair towbar, multi-head 14 ft (ce) Avl RFQ
01-1201-0011 tronair multi-head towbar (ce) - tow up to 75,000 lbs Avl RFQ
01-1204-0010 tronair towbar, custom boeing 747 Avl RFQ
01-1205-0010 tronair towbar, custom boeing 757 Avl RFQ
01-1207-0010 tronair towbar, custom (various) Avl RFQ
01-1208-9011 tronair towbar, custom f-16 Avl RFQ
01-1210-0010 tronair towbar, custom hh-65-a (ce) Avl RFQ
01-1211-0010 tronair custom falcon towbar (ce) - falcon 2000, 2000ex, 50, 50ex, 900, and 900ex. Avl RFQ
01-1212-0000 tronair towbar, custom f-70/100 Avl RFQ
01-1215-0000 tronair towbar, portable universal (ce) Avl RFQ
01-1215-0000-A3 tronair towbar, port atr 42/72 (ce) Avl RFQ
01-1216-0000 tronair portable universal towbar (ce) - tow up to 80,000 lbs Avl RFQ
01-1217-0000 tronair fokker 50 - custom towbar Avl RFQ
01-1220-0000 tronair towbar, custom s-76c flir Avl RFQ
01-1221-0006 tronair towbar, portable seahawk (ce) Avl RFQ
01-1222-0000 tronair avanti p-180 snap-back towbar (ce) Avl RFQ
01-1224-0010 tronair custom c-130 towbar Avl RFQ
01-1225-0010 tronair towbar, custom a-300/310 Avl RFQ
01-1226-0010 tronair towbar, custom a-320 Avl RFQ
01-1227-0000 tronair portable piaggio p-180 avanti towbar Avl RFQ
01-1229-0011 tronair towbar - crj-100/200, challenger 850, hawker 4000 Avl RFQ
01-1230-0012 tronair two piece mult head Avl RFQ
01-1230-0014 tronair two piece mult head Avl RFQ
01-1231-0000 tronair custom towbar - alenia g- 222/c-27j (ce) Avl RFQ
01-1232-0000 tronair portable bell 412 towbar (ce) Avl RFQ
01-1233-0010 tronair portable snap-back universal (ce) - cessna 150, 152, 172, 177, 180, 182, 185, 206, 207, 210 / beech baron, beech bonanza, duke 60 / piper aztec, cherokee, comanche, seneca Avl RFQ
01-1236-0000 tronair towbar, portable fokker100 Avl RFQ
01-1237-0000 tronair towbar, custom s-65 Avl RFQ
01-1239-0000 tronair towbar, portable lear hnd (ce) Avl RFQ
01-1242-0000 tronair custom seahawk towbar (ce) - sikorsky mh-60r, sh-60b/f, hh-60h, hh-60j, s-70b Avl RFQ
01-1244-0000 tronair towbar, custom s-76c rear Avl RFQ
01-1246-0010 tronair towbar, custom boeing 737 Avl RFQ
01-1247-0000 tronair towbar, custom boeing 727 Avl RFQ
01-1248-0000 tronair towbar, custom boeing 727 Avl RFQ
01-1253-0000 tronair portable gulfstream gii-iv towbar (ce) Avl RFQ
01-1254-0000 tronair towbar, portable pc-12 (ce) Avl RFQ
01-1259-0000 tronair custom towbar - beech king air, beech 1900, beech 99, and sj30 (ce) Avl RFQ

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