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Part No NSN Description QTY RFQ
NU2615 NA screw Avl RFQ
NU2607 NA screw 4 40 unc 312 lng Avl RFQ
NU1305 NA bolt 6 32 unc 500 lng Avl RFQ
N92063-3 NA brush flex and tag Avl RFQ
N8863777 NA plug assy Avl RFQ
N8862175J NA locknut 500 20unf 3b Avl RFQ
N8861812C NA nut 8 32 nc 3b Avl RFQ
N70492 NA circlip Avl RFQ
N43411 NA tabwasher Avl RFQ
N204864 NA gasket Avl RFQ
N204369 NA lockwasher Avl RFQ
N201167 NA seal oil Avl RFQ
N194813 NA gasket filter Avl RFQ
N187347 NA valve poppet Avl RFQ
N185337 NA ring piston Avl RFQ
N184970 NA anvil Avl RFQ
N184969 NA spring Avl RFQ
N183280-5 NA pellet balancing Avl RFQ
N182292 NA ring assy Avl RFQ
N179224-5 NA washer wave Avl RFQ
N159677 NA tabwasher Avl RFQ
N154686 NA micro switch and insul Avl RFQ
N154450 NA clutch plate Avl RFQ
N148506-247 NA sleeve cable ident 8 Avl RFQ
N148506-246 NA sleeve cable ident 7 Avl RFQ
N147995 NA starter jaw assy Avl RFQ
N147983 NA insulating washer Avl RFQ
N147969 NA terminal stud Avl RFQ
N142612-3 NA washer Avl RFQ
N137861 NA washer rubber Avl RFQ
N135827 NA driving spindle assy Avl RFQ
N129337-42 NA ring seal Avl RFQ
N128741 NA driving spindle assy Avl RFQ
N126169 NA nut Avl RFQ
93558003 NA intergrated circuit Avl RFQ
93123105 NA resistor 2k2 1 0 25w Avl RFQ
93010005 NA varistor Avl RFQ
81705454 NA d e frame Avl RFQ
81703769 NA brush flex and tag ass Avl RFQ
81207707 NA a me rotor finished Avl RFQ
81207699 NA main hsg and liner ass Avl RFQ
81207168 NA bolt 10 32unf Avl RFQ
81207069 NA clamp oil transfer Avl RFQ
81205758 NA jet blank Avl RFQ
81205001 NA bracket assy temp bulb Avl RFQ
81203000 NA slimsert solid insert Avl RFQ
80623573 NA anvil Avl RFQ
80623572 NA spring Avl RFQ
80230430 NA support chassis t piec Avl RFQ
80230219 NA arinc and pec8 assy Avl RFQ
80223742 NA brush and tag Avl RFQ
80220045 NA comm end housing assy Avl RFQ
79800296004 NA washer Avl RFQ
51065-1230 NA cover Avl RFQ
40305302005 NA screw hammer drive Avl RFQ
31200-1720 NA valve Avl RFQ
31200-1690 NA seal assy Avl RFQ
31169-2430 NA screw special Avl RFQ
31169-2131 NA nozzle Avl RFQ
31169-2081 NA rotor main field Avl RFQ
31130-1817 NA support bearing Avl RFQ
30300-1383 NA brush Avl RFQ
30086-310 NA rotor assy Avl RFQ
30086-1200 NA rotormain Avl RFQ
30086-1090 NA statorexciter Avl RFQ
30081-2081 NA end bellanti drive mac Avl RFQ
30081-1320 NA retainerbrg Avl RFQ
30080-1080 NA statorpm Avl RFQ
30076-2180 NA blockterminal Avl RFQ
30029-310 NA housing Avl RFQ
23095-1630 NA labelterminal hookup Avl RFQ
23095-1083 NA shaftdrive Avl RFQ
23090-1060 NA brush holder assy Avl RFQ
23088-300 NA stator and hsg assydc Avl RFQ
23088-1340 NA shieldbrgde Avl RFQ
23085-355 NA brg and brush support Avl RFQ
23085-1812 NA end bellade mach Avl RFQ
23085-1541 NA screen Avl RFQ
23085-1471 NA filter board Avl RFQ
23085-1382 NA stator hsg assy Avl RFQ
23085-1370 NA blockterminal Avl RFQ
23085-1355 NA shaftdrive Avl RFQ
23085-1352 NA shaftdrive Avl RFQ
23085-1140 NA gasket Avl RFQ
23081-303 NA brush supp assy Avl RFQ
23081-1833 NA brush Avl RFQ
23081-1210 NA guardmagnetic pickup Avl RFQ
23081-1151 NA shaftdrive Avl RFQ
23080-504 NA kit qad Avl RFQ
23080-360 NA brush supp assy Avl RFQ
23080-1902 NA brush Avl RFQ
23080-1295 NA air inlet Avl RFQ
23079-1281 NA brush Avl RFQ
23078-311 NA stator hsg assy Avl RFQ
23076-339 NA stator hsg assy Avl RFQ
23076-1200-1 NA coverterminal block Avl RFQ
23076-1040 NA air inlet Avl RFQ
23075-1193 NA brush holder Avl RFQ
23072-1220 NA gear spur Avl RFQ
23069-1235 NA block terminal Avl RFQ
23065-1742 NA fan Avl RFQ
23065-1640 NA end bellade mach Avl RFQ
23065-1470 NA air inlet Avl RFQ
23065-1040 NA main pole Avl RFQ
23048-1123 NA band brush Avl RFQ
23048-1041 NA air inlet Avl RFQ
23046-313 NA stator hsg assydc Avl RFQ
23046-311 NA stator Avl RFQ
23033-1141 NA brush Avl RFQ
23033-1111 NA brush holder Avl RFQ
23032-2811 NA nutself lock Avl RFQ
23032-2809 NA t boltspecial Avl RFQ
23032-2802 NA t bolt Avl RFQ
23032-2710 NA plateback Avl RFQ
23032-2452 NA adapterqad mtg Avl RFQ
23032-2220 NA screen Avl RFQ
23032-1916 NA hub Avl RFQ
23032-1906 NA hub Avl RFQ
23032-1900 NA hub Avl RFQ
23032-1692 NA shaftdrive Avl RFQ
23032-1402 NA end bellde mach Avl RFQ
23032-1336 NA coverfan Avl RFQ
23032-1145 NA spacer Avl RFQ
2132067 NA gasket Avl RFQ
2130198 NA lid assy terminal bloc Avl RFQ
2107092 NA block terminal main Avl RFQ
16105-2 NA screw self tapping Avl RFQ
10-251415-205 NA pin Avl RFQ
07-111337 NA brg Avl RFQ
07-111259 NA brg Avl RFQ
06-5102-105 NA plateid data blank Avl RFQ
06-201149 NA label brush Avl RFQ
06-201145 NA label tso Avl RFQ
06-201122 NA label torque term nut Avl RFQ
06-201120 NA label torque grd screw Avl RFQ
06-201054 NA plateid Avl RFQ
06-200001 NA labelpatent Avl RFQ
06-0040-01 NA plate identification Avl RFQ
05-900965 NA diode Avl RFQ
05-653750 NA contact Avl RFQ
05-652009 NA lug Avl RFQ
05-622020 NA o ring Avl RFQ
05-506274 NA resistor Avl RFQ
05-417454 NA clamp Avl RFQ
05-374094 NA washer Avl RFQ
05-374079 NA washer Avl RFQ
05-370066 NA washer Avl RFQ
05-370041 NA washer Avl RFQ
05-341300 NA screw cap sock hd Avl RFQ
03-6011-06 NA brg Avl RFQ
03-6009-12 NA brgball Avl RFQ
03-6006-09 NA brg Avl RFQ
03-0156-410 NA capacitor Avl RFQ
03-0065-20 NA diode Avl RFQ
03-0059-35 NA resistor Avl RFQ
03-0030-03 NA resistor Avl RFQ
02-7001-27 NA epoxy adhesive filled Avl RFQ
02-5600-15 NA ringfriction Avl RFQ
02-5502-12 NA liner Avl RFQ
02-5502-10 NA linerbrg Avl RFQ
02-4410-31 NA pinstrheadless Avl RFQ
02-4250-15 NA shim Avl RFQ
02-4250-14 NA shim Avl RFQ
02-4231-02 NA washerspring Avl RFQ
02-4203-05 NA washer Avl RFQ
02-4200-35 NA washer Avl RFQ
02-4160-03 NA nutspiralock Avl RFQ
02-4083-21 NA studterminal Avl RFQ
02-4082-07 NA studterminal Avl RFQ
02-4030-01 NA screw Avl RFQ
02-2386-01 NA studterminal Avl RFQ
02-2370-16 NA lugterminal Avl RFQ
02-2083-10 NA insulator Avl RFQ
02-2083-02 NA insulator Avl RFQ
02-2081-01 NA insulator Avl RFQ
02-2001-26 NA insulatorslotround Avl RFQ
02-2001-20 NA insulatorslotround Avl RFQ
02-1120-41 NA dioderectifier Avl RFQ
02-1120-40 NA dioderectifier Avl RFQ
02-1110-18 NA pins Avl RFQ
02-1078-02 NA transistor Avl RFQ
02-1072-15 NA relay Avl RFQ
02-1072-01 NA relay Avl RFQ
02-1059-13 NA transistor Avl RFQ
02-1031-08 NA diode Avl RFQ
02-1018-59 NA regulatorvoltage Avl RFQ
02-0863-08 NA hexfetpower Avl RFQ
02-0862-03 NA transistor Avl RFQ
02-0861-06 NA transistor Avl RFQ
02-0462-10 NA relay Avl RFQ
02-0462-04 NA relay Avl RFQ
02-0410-01 NA regulatorvoltage Avl RFQ
02-0370-16 NA amplifier Avl RFQ
02-0106-07 NA capacitor Avl RFQ
01-200585 NA conn Avl RFQ
01-200346 NA screw Avl RFQ
01-200219 NA screw Avl RFQ
004443-1 NA cupwasher Avl RFQ
002570-4 NA core toroidal Avl RFQ
001687-12 NA bearing Avl RFQ

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