How to Choose an Aircraft Component Pooling Partner

The airline industry is a costly and competitive market under strict regulations and economic pressures. As such, airlines must look for ways to be efficient while aircraft component maintenance, engine maintenance, and heavy maintenance account for a large cost on a regular basis. In accordance with routine maintenance, airlines must manage their initial part supply, maintain appropriate spare levels without over-investing, ensure component reliability, and more; however, each of these factors account for a bulk of resources, cost, and effort. One of the most efficient ways to address each of these factors is to source all your aircraft component needs through a single distribution channel, as opposed to twenty or thirty suppliers. In addition to ensuring supply all in one place, an aircraft component pooling partner provides valuable support for component repair and removal services.

Choosing an aircraft component pooling partner is an important decision with many factors to keep in mind. Here is a list of some key criteria to consider:

History of Service Excellence

By definition, aircraft component support programs manage a vast amount of components installed on an aircraft fleet. Therefore, aircraft component maintenance and the organization it requires both demand a high level of expertise. One way to look for a good pooling partner is to evaluate their history of service. You may consider how many aircraft are already supported by the service provider, as well as the number of airlines under contract with them.

Repair Arrangements & Facilities Available

Another important factor to consider is what repair arrangements and facilities are available. A strong network of resources allows for better component reliability, quicker turn-around-time, and increased support.

Volume of Pool Inventory Available for Support

The amount of inventory readily available for support when a part needs to be bought or replaced is essential for keeping up the efficiency and airworthiness of an airline and its vehicles. A pooling partner with extensive inventory can ensure that an airline will be able to respond to component needs reliably and with minimal delay.

Beyond Economical Repair (BER) Support

When a component has been deemed “beyond economic repair,” it is imperative that it is removed quickly and within regulation. Besides providing dependable removal service for heavy machinery and small parts alike, it is important to consider how a pooling partner will share the cost of a BER event and what percentage will be expected of the customer to pay.

Flexibility of Component Scope Coverage

The scope of components which a pooling partner supplies is indicative of how much support they can provide. Besides having a wide scope that is already established, the service provider should be flexible when considering adding to their scope to adapt to an airline’s needs.

Compliance to Desired Service Levels

In the event of an Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situation, immediate and planned orders vary depending on what on-ground inventory and resources are available and within regulation. It is important that a service provider is compliant to these needs in order to ensure reliable support.

Consideration of Hidden Costs

A pooling partner should have a steady budget for component maintenance without any hidden costs. Deviation from core return time, NFF (No Fault Found) limits, and AOG/MEL A limits are all examples of what could be considered hidden costs. If a service provider has multiple overheads, this may also affect the overall economic viability of a partnership.


Finding a good aircraft components pooling partner can lower costs and ensure a reliable network of maintenance, repair, and supply. At Expedited Quoting, we have established ourselves as a tried and tested distributor of aviation and aerospace parts with 24/7x365 operations. Our customers rely on us for custom parts procurement, distribution, logistics, and project management solutions catered to their needs. With 24/7x365 customer service availability and for further inquiries on how we can help you get started on the purchasing process, give us a call or email at any time! 


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