An Overview of Memory cards and its Types

Memory cards use what is referred to as flash technology, which is technology that can archive information and data even after the power is removed. Because of this innovative feature, memory cards are crucial in mobile phones and apps so as to preserve a user’s significant videos, photos, notes, etc. They can also be used to program data, but the major issue with Memory Cards module is being able to choose one of the many that are offered. Some offer more storage but one does wonder if that much storage is really needed. The answer relies on what you will be using this card for and for what device. If you are a casual vacationer for example, you may not need that much memory. If, however, you know that you will be taking many photos on your camera, then a memory card that can preserve a large package of photos is necessary. Below you can find a basic definition of the many kinds of memory cards that you may need.

There are various different types of memory cards that can be used for many purposes including for your mobile cell phone to DSLRs and more. Memory cards can be used in a whole  host of other Electronic Components and gadgets, which is why you need to find the right kind of card to do what you need it to do. If you are in need of a perfect memory card that is suited for your needs, this guide below might be helpful in aiding you in your search.

Compact Flash card - This type of memory card is normally much bigger than the average SD card and thus enables more networks and connections. While they are not as widely used as the standard SD card, they are equipped with a micro SD memory card. 

Micro SD memory card - True to its name, the micro SD card is simply a much more compact version than the standard SD card. They have many purported applications in mobile cellular phone and other portable devices and equipment.

SD memory card - The basic format, the SD memory card holds dimensions of approximately 32 mm by 24 mm by 2.1 mm, and a storage capacity of about 4 GB. Normal levels of performance are not as high as the other types of memory card.

SDHC memory card - Short for secure digital high capacity, the SDHC card was first designed to meet the growing need for high resolution image recording and HD films, but is now used in many SD-enabled devices. Secure digital high capacity cards have the same shape and size as most standard SD cards but meet the new SD specification of version 2.0. If the SD card is 4GB or above, it is classed as an SDHC card. Normally the specifications and guidelines for memory cards allow for a capacity between 4GB and 32GB.

microSDHC - Micro secure digital high capacity cards are the latest type of microSD as they were first released in the year 2007. They can possess about 32 GB of data and also have a rate of rate that can go up to 10 MB per second. The only downside to this mini SD card is that they are not suitable for older gadgets and technology. microSDXC - Much like the SDXC card, microSDXC cards have a storage capacity between 32 GB and 2 TB. The card has a fast data er data transfer speed compared to the microSD and microSDHC. It is only compatible with devices containing a microSDXC-compatible slot.


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