Chain Hoists vs Wire Rope Hoists

Heavy lifting is a necessary procedure in almost every industry and plant. Hoists are the main method of being able to move heavy loads and equipment. They often do this though vertical lift, meaning the load is lifted straight up without lateral swinging, and this is achieved through the use of wheels or grooved drums. In regards to electric hoists, the two main types that are most utilized by industries are Chain and Wire Rope Hoists. To choose between them, one should consider a variety of factors including the industry, load capacity, working environment, and more due to their different designs and abilities.

Chain hoists are the fairly simple type between the two, consisting of a chain that is moved into a holder as the hoist lifts vertically. Unlike Wire Ropes, chain hoists hold no lateral movement ability. As they only move in true vertical lift, they are well suited for movement and placement that requires a great amount of accuracy. These types of hoists are also mostly utilized for loads that are under 10 tons in weight. Due to their simplistic nature and design, chain hoists have lower amount of maintenance and are fairly cheaper.

Wire ropes, on the other hand, are often sought after when there is a need for very frequent and lengthy lifting. This type may often be a stationary installment, and they have slower rates of degradation as compared to Chain Hoists. Unlike chains, wire ropes are unable to achieve true vertical lift due to wrapping around a grooved drum as they lift. Their benefit, however, is that they serve well for loads reaching upwards of 30 tons, which ability chain hoists lack.

When choosing which type of hoist is correct for you, it should also be noted that there are various classifications that can aid in the decision. The CMAA, HMI, and FEM are all classifications that specify operating times, load intensities, lifts per hour, and many other facets of operation that can help you find the best fit for your intended use.


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