The Importance of Oil and Air Filters for Engine

As the heart of any automated machine, the engine requires a substantial amount of attention and care. Without a properly-functioning engine, your automobile, no matter how sophisticated, will be rendered obsolete. To help keep your engine clean and operating smoothly, manufacturers install air and Oil filters to stop particles of dirt and grime from coating or entering the engine.

The first function of air filters is to help your engine ‘breathe.’ If not for oil and air filters, much of the debris you find on the front of your car and license plate - be it dead bugs, mud, or other contaminants - would make its way into your engine. Once in the engine, these contaminants can cause abrasion, corrosion, and diminish the general performance of the engine. Air filters are usually encased by a plastic box, providing further protection from impurities.

Over time, debris will accumulate making it necessary to replace your oil filter. A dirty air filter will still protect the engine, but also prevent it from receiving the proper amount of air, a crucial ingredient in the Combustion Process. In theory, your air filter could get so dirty that the engine won’t run at all, but the more likely outcome is a loss of performance capabilities.

Oil filters play a different but equally pivotal role in maintaining the cleanliness of your engine. If the engine is the heart of a car, the oil is the blood that courses through the heart. Engine oil passing through the oil filter is scrubbed and detrimental impurities are removed. Tiny particles of dirt or metal can be abrasive and wear down Engine Bearings that causes low oil pressure. Just as air filters can become clogged and need replacement, so too can oil filters. When this happens, dirty oil keeps recirculating through your engine and harms performance.


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