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Federal Supply Group 70 includes many Federal Supply Classes that are related to Automatic Data Processing (ADP) equipment. This may include firmware, software, components, and equipment that are used in relation to ADP operations. In this blog, we will discuss a few of the Federal Supply Classes that fall under the category of Federal Supply Group 70, and some of the items that are categorized under each.

Federal Supply Class 7025 ADP Input/Output and Storage Devices includes a variety of components and equipment that may be used to control and transfer data to and from a computer. If a device is considered an input device, it is used for moving information to the computer. An output device, on the other hand, serves the role of transferring the results of data processing that the computer has conducted to various ADP peripheral devices. Common equipment components that may be found under FSC 7025 ADP Input/Output and Storage Devices include disc drive units, printers, display units, data entry devices, transfer units, terminals, and Optical Compact Disk devices that may be used for transferring data and firmware to and from devices.

The next class, 7030 ADP Software includes the programs and operating information that allow the ADPE System Configuration to carry out operations. Such ADP software may also include data that can be processed and operated on with a computer. Such software includes system programs, utility programs, and application programs. Common system programs are operating systems, translators, executive routines, and more. Utility programs are those such as media conversion, maintenance diagnostic programs, and sort/merge programs. Lastly, applications programs are those such as payroll and inventory control.

Federal Supply Class 7035 includes ADP Support Equipment. Within this category, ADP components and ADP supplies that operate alongside ADPE configurations, but are not a part of the configuration itself, are classified. Examples of such support equipment includes magnetic tape testing, certifying, cleaning equipment, and much more. Support control systems and support equipment that are not for weapon systems, navigation systems, automatic machine tools, and other related applications are also included within this FSC.

Federal Supply Class 7040 includes punched card equipment. Examples of items within this category include key punch machines, collating machines, and tabulating machines. Those that are card actuated machines that are designed for use with an ADPE system are not included within this category.

Lastly, those components and items that are considered ADP supplies are classified under Federal Supply Class 7040. Such items may be ADP tape seal bands, carrying cases, canisters, and other related equipment. If components are designed to be used with ADP equipment, such as disk packs, cassettes, and magnetic tape, then they are also categorized under this class.


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