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Ailerons are a primary flight control surface which control movement about the longitudinal axis of an aircraft. This movement is referred to as "roll". The ailerons are attached to the outboard trailing edge of each wing; when a manual or autopilot control input is made, move in opposite directions from one another. In some large aircraft, two ailerons are mounted on each wing.

Moving the flight deck control wheel or control stick to the right results in the aileron mounted on the right wing to deflect upward while, at the same time, the aileron on the left wing deflects downward. The upward deflection of the right aileron reduces the camber of the wing resulting in decreased lift on the right wing. Conversely, the downward deflection of the left aileron results in an increase in camber and a corresponding increase in lift on the left wing. The differential lift between the wings results in the aircraft rolling to the right. On some aircraft, ailerons are augmented by roll spoilers mounted on the upper surface of the wing.

Differential ailerons function in the same manner as symmetrical ailerons except that the upward deflecting aileron is displaced a greater distance than the downward deflecting aileron. As is the case with symmetrical ailerons, an upward deflection results in a reduction of camber and a corresponding reduction in lift on the affected wing whereas a downward aileron deflection results in an increase in both camber and lift. The increase in lift on the raised wing also results in an increase in drag which tends to rotate or yaw the aircraft around the vertical axis. In a differential aileron installation, the greater the deflection angle of the aileron on the descending wing also induces drag which has the effect of balancing most (but not all) of the lift induced drag of the ascending wing; this greatly reduces adverse yaw.

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