Aerospace Fastener Part Types

To illustrate the vastness of aircraft fastener types and type families, of the six million parts that are used to make a Boeing 747-800, aircraft fasteners contribute to half of that number. Fasteners play a vital role in the overall construction and completion of aircraft. They are used to assemble and hold together various components in primary structure areas, pressurized/non pressurized applications; they are also used to transfer loads from one part to another.

A wide variety of fasteners are used in the construction of aircraft such as nuts fasteners, bolts, screws, clamps, rivets, and many more. Aerospace, maritime, and automotive industries generally require higher standards for fasteners due to the harsh environments they operate in.

We supply fasteners from top manufacturers around the world. Some of the manufacturers that provide high-quality fasteners are: Arconic, Monogram, Fairchild, Eaton, 3V Fasteners, HI Shear, Huck International, PCC Fasteners, LISI Aerospace, and Bell Helicopter.

Aerospace Fasteners    

The fasteners used on aircraft are constructed from an array of materials parts: steel, aluminum, plastics, alloys, composites, and others. Aluminum alloys have been the standard and preferred material for fasteners because of their strength, lightweight construction, and superb heat and corrosion resistance. Plastic and composite fasteners are also on the rise due to advancing technology allowing for comparable tensile strength and a more lightweight construction.

Aerospace fasteners operate in environments that make them susceptible to corrosion, degradation and warping from extreme temperatures, high stress loads, pressure variations, and chemicals. Because of this, aerospace fasteners must be composed of specific materials and be designed and manufactured according to high standards.

Automotive Fasteners

The most common type of fastener used in the automotive industry is the head bolt, followed by the hex-headed screw cap, and the stud. Automotive fasteners are designed to bear loads between 65% to 90% of their yield strength. They vary by material minimum yield strength and minimum tensile strength. They are then ranked on a graded system set by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).

Marine Fasteners

Marine grade fasteners refer to fasteners that have been designed according to certain standards that specify criteria for tensile strength and weather/corrosion resistance. Marine grade stainless steel is a particular kind of steel that has molybdenum added into is. This alloy enables the steel to be completely resistant to corrosion such as rust, making it the ideal choice in a saltwater environment.

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nut joint fastener slide fastener driver fastener sle fastener threaded
parts kit fastener fastener motor fastener expando gr angle fastener supp
fastener door retai fastener container fastener cylinder spring loaded fastener parachute
fastener cam action fastener button fastener loop fastener plate guid
fastener corrugated fastener assembly s chain fastener angl fastener block
fastener hood fastener spring tension trim stop interlocking slide fastener nrp panel fastener
fastener cup fastener assembly turnlock fastener housing as fastener kit struct
fastener captivated retainer fastener a cover fastener cowling fastener na
fastener folding ha fastener aircraft m fastener windshield fastener captive ai
fastener plug panel fastener receptacle turnlock fastener fastener locking gr
fastener blind airc pawl fastener assy nrp dzus fastener a bracket fastener
handle fastener fastener trim ribbe fastener spinner sleeve fastener
rod rotor fastener insert panel fastener fastener sea water lockspring turnlock fastener
mandrel fastener in fastener hi lock fastener cylinder s fastener regulator
fastener barrel stud insulation fastener fastener stud gromm fastener blade comp
retainer fastener adapter fastener re fastener hook hood gage fastener protr
screw fastener fastener vertical b gage fastener grip fastener cover acce
fastener panel pott stud cell fastener fastener set hinge stud lock pin fastener
fastener panel capt fastener sar lru key cowl fastener fastener slide inte
blind fastener fastener stud blade fastener fastener latch
fastener grommet stud turnbutton fastener latch snapslide fastener fastener pushbutton
fastener hi lok fastener clip fastener plate lany strip fastener
fastener panel asse fastener sleeve fastener direct pul power unit fastener
fastener steer whee fastener drag parac fastener tape fastener kit inspec
fastener button car fastener spring ten hook fastener tape fastener aircraft
chain fastener flat holder fastener stud push button fastener fastener coil
fastener tape pile fastener lock post snapslide fastener tool set fastener i
fastener blade turb fastener retainer fastener insulation fastener gate stay
fastener actuator weight and fastener fastener lift fastener tape hook
tool fastener rubber fastener retainer panel fastener fastener slide interlocking
cup cowl fastener fastener kit fastener pawl velcro fastener
fastener angle fastener screw lock fastener assy capti fastener retractabl
fastener part hole liner fastener pin fastener brake slide half fastener
fastener cylinder fastener spring pin fastener spec fastener holddown
fastener cord assem fastener self lock hi lok fastener fastener turnlock
fastener gp fastener attachment fastener fastener baffle
catch fastener side fastener belt conve catch fastener stud fastener spec
fastener self locki fastener afterbody fastener bead chain fastener lock star
captive fastener block fastener stud fastener fastener half slide
fastener clevis lin pile fastener tape fastener molded pin fastener
stud snap fastener fastener plastic stud assy fastener socket push button fastener
fastener door cowling fastener nacelle dual lock fastener screw panel fastener
fastener pan fastener switch curtain fastener ki fastener special
nut fastener stud turnlock fastener eyelet fastener grommet fastener
fastener panel spec fastener pad suppor plug panel fastener fastener conveyor b
wedge fastener turnlock fastener fastener wire rope fastener slide
fastener clamp kit base plate lining fastener fastener turnbutton fastener assembly
fastener rubber belt fastener plate chuck fastener inst fastener structural
latch fastener fastener rake hoe a fastener pin fastener bracket
clip fastener core fastener speci fastener channel gl fastener mounting

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