Aviation Rotable Parts and Airframe Components

Aviation Rotables and Airframe Parts

An aircraft rotable is a component that is removed and replaced at predetermined intervals. The timeframe in which a component gets replaced is measured in elapsed flight hours and/or flight cycles after which the removed item is sent for overhaul and will be subsequently re-used. For example, the tires of the plane will have to be changed when they finish a certain number of landings. There could also be a necessity to change a tire when unusual damage is seen on it before it completes its lifespan. This concept applies to other components like oil filters, valves, brakes, ailerons, rudder, bearings, and other parts that need to be replaced.

The mechanical structure of an aircraft is known as the airframe. This includes the fuselage, undercarriage, wings, and other physical components that make up the construction of an aircraft. The fuselage is an aircraft's main body section—it holds crew, passengers, and cargo. The fuselage also serves to position control and stabilization surfaces in specific relationships to lifting surfaces, required for aircraft stability and maneuverability.

The wings of a modern aircraft can be designed as a combination of different types of materials, depending on their specific structural function. The structure of the wing of an aircraft is comprised of several different elements, namely spars, skin and ribs, as well as control surfaces—such as ailerons and flaps. Each of these components needs to support different loads and, thus, the right material needs to be selected. Steel and aluminum alloys can be used in the manufacture of ribs, whilst composite materials can be used in the design of the wing skin and the control surfaces.

The undercarriage of an aircraft refers to the lowest part of the fuselage, including the body landing gear. the landing gear supports the craft when it is not flying, allowing it to take off, land, and taxi without damage. Wheels are typically used but skids, skis, floats or a combination of these and other elements can be deployed. Faster aircraft usually have retractable undercarriages, which fold away during flight to reduce air resistance or drag.

We supply aviation rotables and airframe parts from top manufacturers around the world. Some of the manufacturers that provide these high-quality components are: Gull, Bendix King, Sperry, Smith Industries, EDC, Ametek/GE, Aerosonic, Sigma Tek, and many more.

Part No RFQ
2060A12 RFQ
23048-018 RFQ
1532-3C RFQ
23080-005 RFQ
150SG123Q RFQ
106785B101 RFQ
200SG114Q RFQ
23080-001 RFQ
150SG119Q RFQ
1532-6C RFQ
200SGL117Q RFQ
150SG138Q RFQ
1A1000 RFQ
2070C11 RFQ
1532-3A RFQ
150SG140Q RFQ
1B118-2 RFQ
150SG135Q RFQ
23032-027 RFQ
2061H02 RFQ
2060B06 RFQ
23045-011 RFQ
200SG117Q RFQ
1532-11B RFQ
150SG122Q RFQ
200SGL114Q RFQ
21B17-5C RFQ
150SG116Q RFQ
150SG131Q RFQ
150SG126Q RFQ
1B123-1 RFQ
025323-500B RFQ
1B115-1A RFQ
025323-150 RFQ
106785A105 RFQ
21179-001 RFQ
23081-043 RFQ
106785B125 RFQ
025323-101-03 RFQ
1539-12-B RFQ
23048-016 RFQ
21B17-28A RFQ
23031-004 RFQ
23080-031 RFQ
19400-5 RFQ
23069-015 RFQ
23078-019 RFQ
150SG124Q RFQ
23080-002 RFQ
1532-8C RFQ
200SG111Q RFQ
150SG129Q RFQ
1532-8A RFQ
21B17-6B RFQ
1518-14-A RFQ
200SG121Q RFQ
150SG133Q RFQ
150SG114Q RFQ
23091-002 RFQ
200SG118Q RFQ
23081-002 RFQ
150SG134Q RFQ
1532-10A RFQ
21164-005 RFQ
150SG121Q RFQ
19400-7 RFQ
23032-018 RFQ
226650-51 RFQ
23046-007M RFQ
1518-8-D RFQ
23046-020 RFQ
150SG144Q RFQ
226650-2 RFQ
2060A01 RFQ
23079-000-1 RFQ
1532-11A RFQ
23077-002 RFQ
2060F06 RFQ
23080 RFQ
23080-032 RFQ
1518-14-E RFQ
1532-11C RFQ
226650-3 RFQ
0179-0023-637-415 RFQ
106785B133A RFQ
200SGL111Q RFQ
1518-16-A RFQ
025323-101 RFQ
23079-004 RFQ
106788S134 RFQ
150SG112Q RFQ
19400-3 RFQ
1CZ135470-C RFQ
226075 RFQ
025323-300-03 RFQ
150SG139Q RFQ
200SG116Q RFQ
1518-8-E RFQ
150SG142Q RFQ
1532-6A RFQ
20032 RFQ
150SG128Q RFQ
106785C101 RFQ
150SG136Q RFQ
025323-500 RFQ
23032-048 RFQ
200SG119Q RFQ
2060F14 RFQ
1532-12A RFQ
23045-004 RFQ
23085-001 RFQ
200SGL116Q RFQ
1588-3-B RFQ
106785A104 RFQ
23048-004TM RFQ
23080-001-1 RFQ
1CZ136080-A RFQ
23065-018-1 RFQ
200SGL112Q RFQ
106785B105 RFQ
2061H RFQ
23046-007 RFQ
2022256-3 RFQ
150SG113Q RFQ
1532-2A RFQ
226650-31 RFQ
23081-018 RFQ
23065-013 RFQ
200SGL121Q RFQ
150SG115Q RFQ
21B17-10B RFQ
23032-010 RFQ
23032-022 RFQ
150SG137Q RFQ
200SG115Q RFQ
23075-002 RFQ
200SGL119Q RFQ
200SG113Q RFQ
106785B133 RFQ
1532-3B RFQ
1588-2-F RFQ
150SG143Q RFQ
106785B100 RFQ
23090 RFQ
1532-10C RFQ
23076-004 RFQ
150SG118Q RFQ
200SGL113Q RFQ
1539-11-B RFQ
150SG141Q RFQ
106785D100 RFQ
140-181 RFQ
23080-003 RFQ
23085-004 RFQ
025323-300-02 RFQ
150SG111Q RFQ
025323-300-01 RFQ
23080-004 RFQ
2070C01 RFQ
106788S130 RFQ
200SG112Q RFQ
23088-001 RFQ
150SG117Q RFQ
025323-500A RFQ
150SG130Q RFQ
1CZ135470-D RFQ
150SG132Q RFQ
160-15158 RFQ
1CZ135470-B RFQ
200SGL115Q RFQ
150SG120Q RFQ
1518-8-C RFQ
150SG127Q RFQ
106785B110 RFQ
23065-015 RFQ
025323-101-01 RFQ
23048-006 RFQ
23065-015-3 RFQ
226114-3 RFQ
200SGL118Q RFQ
106785A111 RFQ
23046-028 RFQ
150SG125Q RFQ
200SGL120Q RFQ
1CZ135830-A RFQ
23076-004-1 RFQ
200SG122Q RFQ
025323-101-02 RFQ
200SG120Q RFQ
200SGL122Q RFQ
0179-0023-637 RFQ
226650-32 RFQ
1532-11D RFQ
2060B RFQ
23078-010 RFQ
23088-002 RFQ
025323-300 RFQ
21B17-26A RFQ
226114-1 RFQ
23035-008 RFQ

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