Aircraft Instrument Parts and Avionics Components List

Aircraft Instruments and Avionics

Aircraft instruments and avionics refers to the electronic systems used on aircraft, artificial satellites, and spacecraft. These systems include communications, navigation, the display and management of multiple systems, and the hundreds of systems that are fitted to aircraft to perform individual functions.

We supply aircraft instruments and avionics equipment from top manufacturers around the world. Some of the manufacturers that provide high-quality components are: Aerosonic, Honeywell, Bendix King, Sigma Tek, Gull, Ametek/GE, S-TEC, and Farem srl.

Aviators all over the world rely on Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to safely navigate and maneuver their aircraft. GPS allows pilots to obtain precise three-dimensional location data during all stages of flight using triangulation; GPS can also track speed, relative distance, and time. With its continuous, accurate, and comprehensive mapping capabilities, it offers seamless satellite navigation that satisfies many requirements for pilots.

A typical GPS system is composed of three integral systems: the ground control segment, the user segment, and the space (satellite) segment. The ground control segment is comprised of a series of ground stations that are used to interpret and relay satellite signals to various receivers. These ground stations have a master control station, twelve ground antennas, and sixteen monitoring posts. The user segment of the GPS system involves different receivers from various industries such as national security, agriculture, space, surveying, and mapping. A pilot is typically considered the user component in aviation GPS; however, autopilot systems can also utilize data provided by GPS. The last component is space, which consists of 31 satellites. A minimum of 24 satellites are in operation at any given moment, ensuring that at least four satellites are in view from any point on Earth. This complete coverage makes GPS technology the most reliable navigation system in modern aeronautics.

Satellites that communicate with GPS systems orbit approximately 12,000 miles above the Earth. They are solar powered and transmit radio signals to receivers that are stationed on the ground. The GPS system receives the signals and uses triangulation— data from at least three satellites— to calculate its precise location two dimensionally. With the needed satellites in view, a three-dimensional location can be obtained.

  • Aircraft Antennae

Aircraft communication systems, navigation components, and data devices all rely on the functioning capabilities of antennae. Without the existence of antennas, aircraft would have a much harder time functioning. Modern aircraft such as the Boeing 787 are constructed with more than 20 antennae that extend from the fuselage, cockpit, wings, and tail. Aircraft are becoming more interconnected with advancements in technology, specifically, antennas.

Antennas also provide satellite communications, marker beacons, weather radars, radio navigation technology, and many more functions. The aforementioned Boeing 787 features antennas for its landing instruments, air traffic control, traffic collision avoidance systems, and many other functions. Proper maintenance and routine inspections should be practiced ensuring its longevity.

Electronic circuits are built from a small number of standard components, and similarly to a LEGO, you can arrange these components together in a vast number of ways to complete an array of jobs. Fundamental electronic components include resistors, diodes, capacitors, transistors, and relays.

Resistors are the simplest part in any circuit. Their main function is to limit the flow of electrons and decrease the current (voltage) that is flowing by transforming electrical energy into heat. Resistors can come in any different size or shape, and choosing one depends on specific application requirements. Devices that have volume controls are known to use variable resistors that contain a dial on them and can be manually operated.

Diodes are comparable to one-way streets in a city; electric currents flow through them strictly in one direction. Sometimes diodes are referred to as rectifiers. These diodes also have the special ability to change alternating currents into direct currents.

Capacitors are designed with simplicity in mind, similar to resistors. They consist of two pieces of conducting material separated by a non-conducting material referred to as a dielectric. Capacitors are commonly used in timing devices; however, they can transform electrical currents in multiple ways.

Transistors can function in various ways; they can switch electric currents on and off or amplify them as a whole. In computers, transistors that act as switches mainly serve memory functions. When they act as amplifiers, they can boost the volume in items such as radios. When two transistors are combined together, they form a new device called a logic gate. These logic gates are effective in carrying out basic decision-making processes.

In layman's terms, a relay is essentially an electrically operated switch. Relays use an electromagnetic mechanism to operate the switch it is assigned to. This isn’t the case for all of them though; other relays can function with solid-state technology that sends a small external voltage which triggers the on and off tool. Relays have the ability to control a high current circuit with a low current signal. They can also sense when there is a malfunction in the power distribution system. You can find relays in computers, home appliances, traffic control systems, telecommunications, automobiles, and many other electronically powered products. 

Part No RFQ
014-901-001 RFQ
10-150 RFQ
0201KTU31 RFQ
0201KTU22 RFQ
060-0020-03 RFQ
01-200-102 RFQ
060-0020-11 RFQ
0201KTU30 RFQ
014-901-016 RFQ
10-374097-1-2 RFQ
01-200-105 RFQ
066-3054-03 RFQ
028-025-001 RFQ
0105-( ) RFQ
066-3054-00 RFQ
1/2-2-81-217 RFQ
0205-003 RFQ
0513-002 RFQ
1/2-2-81-302 RFQ
0402-005 RFQ
066-3062-01 RFQ
006-0549-00 RFQ
071-01618-0204 RFQ
1-899-15 RFQ
0201KTU8 RFQ
066-3047 RFQ
066-3045 RFQ
0201KTU32 RFQ
0201KTU13 RFQ
014-901-013 RFQ
0203-005 RFQ
0728 KTD/1 RFQ
060-0020-12 RFQ
100-380006-101 RFQ
1-U262-017 RFQ
10-61219-112 RFQ
1/2-2-81-210 RFQ
060-0020-06 RFQ
060-0017-01 RFQ
1-U262-012 RFQ
060-0020-01 RFQ
011-00280-10 RFQ
1-U262-015 RFQ
0201KTU34 RFQ
020-904-003 RFQ
01-004-1 RFQ
060-0022-00 RFQ
014-924-004 RFQ
066-3046-07 RFQ
0201KTU16 RFQ
10-162650-1 RFQ
071-1242-00 RFQ
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10-162950( ) RFQ
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0520-006 RFQ
1-001-0102-0085 RFQ
10-61818-161 RFQ
014-924-005 RFQ
066-01156-0101 RFQ
0156 RFQ
1/2-2-81-303 RFQ
014-901-015 RFQ
014-922-005 RFQ
0403-004 RFQ
0204KID-02 RFQ
0201KTU10 RFQ
01-003-1 RFQ
03753-0620 RFQ
10-61926-3 RFQ
014-922-001 RFQ
0070G1 RFQ
020-904-004 RFQ
014-922-002 RFQ
100-380006-43 RFQ
10-61926-2 RFQ
014-922-006 RFQ
060-0020-05 RFQ
0204KID-01 RFQ
10-374097-1 RFQ
014-922-007 RFQ
100-380006-55 RFQ
066-1061-03 RFQ
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100-380006-181 RFQ
100-380006-49 RFQ
1-1337AA RFQ
1-899-101-1 RFQ
1-0525 RFQ
03606-0620 RFQ
100-380006-41 RFQ
1/2-2-81-301 RFQ
066-3011-02 RFQ
10-274097-2 RFQ
0201KTU18 RFQ
10-162810-2 RFQ
01-0266751-00C RFQ
0201KTU6 RFQ
0201KTU23 RFQ
0205KID-01 RFQ
10-382300-3 RFQ
10-374097-2 RFQ
10-162650-3 RFQ
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0805-0000 RFQ
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014-922-004 RFQ
08DB19 RFQ
020-917-003 RFQ
0241-500BB RFQ
10-162650-4 RFQ
060-0020-04 RFQ
100-380006-35 RFQ
0227-102 RFQ
1-U262-013 RFQ
0201KTU11 RFQ
014-922-003 RFQ
066-3062-03 RFQ
1-U262-018 RFQ
1/2-2-81-306 RFQ
071-1283-17 RFQ
10-61926-1 RFQ
020-917-005 RFQ
014-901-002 RFQ
0201KTU20 RFQ
100-380006-37 RFQ
1-U262-016 RFQ
10-374091-1 RFQ
060-0020-07 RFQ
10-61818-151 RFQ
014-939-001 RFQ
1/2-2-81-200 RFQ
10-61818-18 RFQ
066-3054-04 RFQ
10-162650-5 RFQ
100-380006-11 RFQ
10-61826-8 RFQ
0201KTU19 RFQ
0203-008 RFQ
1-1337-01 RFQ
014-923-001 RFQ
1-U262-019 RFQ
060-0020-10 RFQ
0106-( ) RFQ
060-0020-00 RFQ
1-U262-020 RFQ
0201KTU24 RFQ
006-0025-01 RFQ
0203-006 RFQ
020-917-004 RFQ
060-0024-00 RFQ
0201KTU29 RFQ
10-61826-10 RFQ
066-01156-0201 RFQ
006-5514-01 RFQ
008-0004 RFQ
10-33-00 RFQ
0205KID-02 RFQ
100-380006-13 RFQ
014-924-002 RFQ
0201KTU33 RFQ
10-374095-1 RFQ
0201KTU25 RFQ
066-1061-01 RFQ
10-61818-171 RFQ
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0201KTU5 RFQ
014-901-010 RFQ
0201KTU4 RFQ
066-3054-01 RFQ
066-3062-02 RFQ
006-15536-0006 RFQ
0201KTU21 RFQ
1-U262-011 RFQ
0513-003 RFQ
014-923-002 RFQ
1-U262-014 RFQ
006-05029-0001 RFQ
10-382300-1 RFQ
014-901-012 RFQ
01-200-106 RFQ
066-01069-00 RFQ
014-901-017 RFQ
020-917-001 RFQ
10-61926-4 RFQ
014-901-004 RFQ
0900-4099-01 RFQ
020-917-002 RFQ
01-200-103 RFQ
0201KTU15 RFQ
071-1282-24 RFQ
0108-003 RFQ
0201KTU12 RFQ
066-03046-0000 RFQ
0201KTU17 RFQ
020-917-006 RFQ
071-1053-04 RFQ
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0201KTU35 RFQ
0201KTU14 RFQ

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