Aircraft Bearings Components List

Bearings are highly engineered, precision-made hardware components that enable machinery to move or rotate at extremely high speeds and carry remarkable loads. The load acted upon a bearing is either a radial or thrust load. Depending on the location of the bearing in the mechanism, it can support the entirety of a radial or thrust load, or a combination of both.

Bearings must meet criteria based on precision, reliability, and durability. They must also have the capacity to rotate with minimal noise and vibration. Bearings provide for relative motion of the machinery with low friction and no wear/tear by providing smaller contact areas on a rolling surface, thereby improving energy efficiency.

We supply bearings from top manufacturers around the world. Some of the manufacturers that provide high-quality bearings are Timken, RBC, RHBB, Accurate Bushing Company, Aurora, SKF, Precision Division, McGill, NTN Bearing Corp, and Barden.

Aerospace Bearings

Bearings used in the aerospace industry include roller bearings, roller thrust bearings, ball bearings screws, ball thrust bearings, screw bearings, baffle bearings, actuator bearings, and needle bearings. They are used in landing gear struts, engines, aircraft interiors, wings, aircraft doors, etc. Bearings used in any type of aerospace application adhere to strict standards and are composed of high-quality materials due to the environments in which they operate.

Automotive Bearings

Within the automotive industry, frequently utilized bearings include roller thrust bearings, tapered roller and bearings, and magnetic bearings. Roller thrust bearings are common in automotive builds and are constructed to support large thrust loads. These bearings are found in vehicle transmissions, wheels, clutch systems, and water pumps. Tapered roller bearings have the ability to support both large thrust loads and large radial loads used in vehicles. Magnetic bearings contribute to the functionality of high-speed devices such as engine components; this includes advanced flywheel energy storage systems. Other types of bearings in automotive systems include gearbox bearings, suspension bearings, clutch bearing release bearings, strut bearings, and others.

Marine Bearings

In the maritime industry, there are three common types of bearings used for both propulsion engines and power generated engines; they include lead bronze bearings, bi-metal bearings, bearing pedestal and tri-metal bearings. An integral requirement for bearings in marine applications is anti-corrosion properties due to the corrosive nature of saltwater and the applicable hardware materials.

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bearing drive end end rh bearing rod puller bearing remo bearing unversal li
bearing cone bearing aircraft ma spacer bearing set bearing assembly he
adapter bearing sha bearing set plain s bearing extension u bearing
bearing seal housing bearing a ball end bearing su bearing shell assem
bearing lower mast retainer bearing tr seal bearing bearing swash
steering bearing as housing bearing str lever and bearing sleeve bearing stop
gage bearing check bearing jewel mount gear and bearing wi plate bearing indic
roller bearing trac bearing droop stop race bearing o bearing ball rear t
support bearing jac seal bearing strips puller bearing carr shoe bearing washer
bearing steering ge bracket bearing thr bearing blade suppo bearing bar
bearing assy rotor bearing assy swashp spacer bearing rock spacer head bearing
plate seal bearing bearing and seal as spindle bearing ass bearing blower
bearing blower inte bearing kit gi spec seal center bearing bearing saw guide
bracket bearing han ring bearing adjust bearing trunnion yoke bearing and po
main bearing bearing asy slip ring bearing bearing wide
holder assy bearing sleeve bearing remo bearing upper splin bearing ring gear a
bearing lead lag bearing blower end bearing assembly pl bearing rectangular
cup bearing turbine bearing sleeve matc shaft and bearings carrier bearing tra
single bearing roll seal lower bearing nut bearing m45 pusher bearing seal
tape bearing materi sleeve bearing plan bushing bearing sta wrench bearing lock
cover rear bearing bearing assy pintle bearing assembly ca scoop oil bearing s
cap drive bearing ball bearing outer bearing pillow fixture bearing che
connector bearing o bearing remover bearing ball coaxia frame bearing
bearing winch bolt bearingclamp stop thrust bearing bearing pkg
gasket bearing reta idler bearing lubri bearing ink agitato washer lock bearing
cup bearing plate bearing left bonnet and bearing bearing cov plate
bearing assembly pilot assembly bearing co bearing loading spa bearing shield
cage bearing plain insert tool bearing bearing head seal wheel bearing
lining bearing jour bearing and liner a bearing ctr cartridge bearing
bearing ball bell c bearing inlet dampe retainer bearing va bearing bolt rudder
bearing wafer lug wiring bearing seal bearing end race bearing
shim cover bearing posit camsh bearing seal pusher bearing jewel bearing assem
bearing assy torque bearing and seal clip bearing plate and bearing
seal bearing innerc pin bearing seal cross and bearing bearing installatio
bearing floating bearing governor dr cover end bearing casing bearing asse
guide and bearing a support bearing i tool bearing pre lo nut wheel bearing
bearing roller self aligning carrier upper bearing landing gear bracket bearing sup cap main bearing
bearing roller cyli ring bearing removi bearing element soo holder no6bearing s
bearing line shaft bearing housing tur pilot no 2 bearing cap wheel bearing
plate bearing front shaft bearing assem bearingxroller bearing eng too
shield bearing sp bearing pilot seat holder bearing seal plug puller bearing
bearing flange cart bearing set crank s retainer bearing ho bearing pump sw
housing bearing con plate bearing cover mount lower bearing bearinglower mainl
bearing insert hook bearing half upper seal bearing turbin retainer bearing rh
bearing 030 shaft and bearing w spindle and bearing liner bearing nose
bearing control val cover bearing bearing jack forwar mount ball bearing
main bearing set washer main bearing gage bearing profil bearing gear side
bearing rod end bearing gear turbine release bearing ass bearing conn rod
rod assy turbine bearing bearing ring inner bearing carrie socket bearing reta
lug bearings valve bearing nut seal air bearing plate assy bearing

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