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Manufacturer's List of Cpu

Part Number's List for Cpu

Part No Manufacturer Item Name QTY RFQ
0004564E3979205600SL samsung pwa pln p2450 2 x cpu processor Avl RFQ
00048FMX dell system board ( motherboard ) dual cpu capable poweredge 4300 Avl RFQ
004563T dell system board ( motherboard ) poweredge 2450 2x cpu Avl RFQ
006-3302438 ncr corporation 0063302438 heat sink- for pentium ii cpu Avl RFQ
006-8602848 ncr corporation 0068602848 cpu fan 7452-4001 Avl RFQ
006073-001 compaq 006073001 system board ( motherboard ) w/cpu Avl RFQ
007095-007 compaq 007095007 586/166 mmx cpu board with l2 cache armada 4160 weight 5.00 lbs. Avl RFQ
008HW dell precision workstation 620 2 x p3 xeon system board ( motherboard ) w/o cpu Avl RFQ
00FRW dell /intel piii-600mhz mmc2 laptop cpu 00frw Avl RFQ
00G1320 ibm cpu planar ( motherboard ) weight 4.00 lbs. Avl RFQ
00G3149 ibm cpu planar ( motherboard ) weight 4.00 lbs. Avl RFQ
00L0000 ibm thinkpad 600e p2 366mhz cpu Avl RFQ
00N3878 ibm new 00n3878 pentium 3 450mhz slot 1 cpu with pc300 heatsink 90 day warranty Avl RFQ
00N6101 intel corporation 500mhz/128k/66mhz/2v b0 s370 cpu processor weight 0.50 lbs. Avl RFQ
00N7174 ibm netfinity 733mhz p3 256k cpu Avl RFQ
00N7952 ibm cpu p3 733mhz 256k slot 1 Avl RFQ
01-W3347F-12A motorola 01w3347f12a cpu mvme vme module Avl RFQ
01-W3885B motorola 01w3885b 01-w3885b series 900 cpu i/o with modem 1 lan interface Avl RFQ
0100-0173 advanced fibre communications 01000173 r 6h cpu Avl RFQ
0101-0001-3J advanced fibre communications 010100013j umc1000 cpu clei sbctaaaaab Avl RFQ
0101-0001-3K advanced fibre communications 010100013k cpu Avl RFQ
0101-0001-3L advanced fibre communications 010100013l 0101-0001-3l - umc1000 cpu clei sbctaaaaac Avl RFQ
0101-0001-4D advanced fibre communications 010100014d umc1000 cpu clei sbctaafaab Avl RFQ
0101-0001-4E advanced fibre communications 010100014e umc1000 cpu clei sbctaafaac Avl RFQ
0101-0001R4A advanced fibre communications 01010001r4a 0101-0001 r4a - umc-1000 cpu clei sbctaaaaad Avl RFQ
0101-0001R4C advanced fibre communications 01010001r4c 0101-0001 r4c - umc-1000 cpu clei sbctaafaaa Avl RFQ
0101-0024 advanced fibre communications 01010024 umc1000 cpu sbctaad 0101-0024 clei sbctaadaaa Avl RFQ
0101-0024-6B advanced fibre communications 010100246b umc1000 cpu clei sbctaadaab Avl RFQ
0101-0024-6C advanced fibre communications 010100246c umc1000 cpu clei sbctaadaac Avl RFQ
0101-0024-6F advanced fibre communications 010100246f umc1000 cpu clei sbctaadaaf Avl RFQ
0101-0024-6H advanced fibre communications 010100246h umc1000 cpu clei sbctaadaah Avl RFQ
0101-0024-6J advanced fibre communications 010100246j tampa - umc1000 cpu clei sbctaadaaj Avl RFQ
0101-0024R6H advanced fibre communications 01010024r6h 0101-0024 r6h - cpu central processing unit clei sbctaadaah Avl RFQ
0101-0025 advanced fibre communications 01010025 accessmax cpu-3 clei sbctaw0aab Avl RFQ
0101-0027-5E advanced fibre communications 010100275e umc1000 cpu-2 card clei sbctam0aab Avl RFQ
0101-0027-6A advanced fibre communications 010100276a umc1000 cpu-2 clei sbctam0aac Avl RFQ
0101-0027R5E advanced fibre communications 01010027r5e 0101-0027 r5e - umc1000 cpu-2 clei sbctam0aab Avl RFQ
0101-0027R6A advanced fibre communications 01010027r6a 0101-0027 r6a - umc-100 cpu-2 clei sbctam0aac Avl RFQ
0101-0065 advanced fibre communications 01010065 cpu-3 rev 5b clei sbctag4aab Avl RFQ
0101-0065-5A advanced fibre communications 010100655a accessmax cpu-3 clei sbctag4aaa Avl RFQ
0101-0065-5B advanced fibre communications 010100655b accessmax cpu-3 clei sbctag4aab Avl RFQ
010100013T advanced fibre communications 010100013t umc1000 cpu Avl RFQ
010100255A advanced fibre communications 010100255a accessmax cpu-3 clei sbctaw0aab Avl RFQ
011653-001 compaq 011653001 hp system board ( motherboard ) with cpu cage proliant ml370 g3 Avl RFQ
013-5314-001 silicon graphics inc 0135314001 1.6ghz cpu 8mb 533mhz fsb Avl RFQ
014-1001098 ncr corporation cpu-piii 500mhz 100fsb slot 1 Avl RFQ
014-1001147 ncr corporation 0141001147 cpu 400mhz 512kb secc 2 Avl RFQ
014-1001147-W O ncr corporation 0141001147wo cpu; 400mhz 512kb secc 2 w/0 heat sink and fan Avl RFQ
014-1001148 ncr corporation ic-cpu p2 450mhz/512k slot secc2 Avl RFQ
014-2000405 ncr corporation 0142000405 cpu p3 667mhz/133 Avl RFQ
01K2109 ibm cpu p2 450mhz 512k - slot1 Avl RFQ
01K2442 ibm p2/350 cpu Avl RFQ
01K2602 ibm processor cpu p2 233mhz mmx 512k ec Avl RFQ
01K3266 ibm thinkpad 600 cpu p2 266 Avl RFQ
01K4291 ibm cpu p2 450mhz 512k - slot1 Avl RFQ
01K4333 ibm cpu p2 350mhz Avl RFQ
01K4334 ibm intel pii-400mhz 512kb cpu 01k4334 Avl RFQ
01K4434 intel corporation p2 xeon 450mhz/512k/100mhz b1 ecc cpu processor Avl RFQ
01K5898 ibm pentium mmx cpu 233mhz Avl RFQ
01K7113 ibm new ibm 01k7113 cpu voltage regulator for netfinity 5500 weight 1.00 lbs. 90 day warranty Avl RFQ
01K8006 ibm new - cpu 90 day warranty Avl RFQ
01K9385 ibm xeon p2 450/2mb cpu Avl RFQ
01K9417 ibm xeon p2 450/2mb cpu Avl RFQ
01N2259-I intel corporation 01n2259i p3 xeon 733mhz/256k/133mhz/2.8-volt a2 s2 cpu processor w/o hs Avl RFQ
01N2657 ibm p3 600 512/133 s1 cpu Avl RFQ
01R3171 intel corporation p4 desktop cpu 2.8/512/533 Avl RFQ
01R4976 ibm 1.7ghz 256kb l2 xeon cpu 01r4976 Avl RFQ
01X475 dell inspiron cpu cooling fan heatsink tw-01x475 adda ad4505h Avl RFQ
0213D dell 400mzh cpu processor module Avl RFQ
02K2768 ibm pentium mmx cpu 233mhz Avl RFQ
02R4094 ibm cpu p4 celeron 2ghz 400mhz 128kb northwood Avl RFQ
02R4507 ibm p4 1.8ghz cpu 512/400 Avl RFQ
02R4511 ibm p4 northwood 2ghz/512k/400mhz c1 s478 cpu processor netvista Avl RFQ
02R4513 ibm cpu p4 2.26ghz 533/512 - nw Avl RFQ
02R4515 ibm p4 northwood 2.26ghz/512k/533mhz/1.5-volt b0 s478 cpu processor Avl RFQ
02R4519 ibm cpu p4 2.53ghz/533/512 - nw Avl RFQ
02R5347 intel corporation p4 3.06ghz 512/533 cpu Avl RFQ
02R5350 ibm celeron 2ghz cpu Avl RFQ
02R8907 ibm 8830-61x 2.8ghz/400mhz 512k cpu Avl RFQ
02R8959-NS ibm 02r8959ns xeon 3.06ghz cpu x335 Avl RFQ
030-0882-001 silicon graphics inc 0300882001 indy r4400sc 200mhz cpu Avl RFQ
030-0991-002 silicon graphics inc 0300991002 150mhz r5000 pc cpu module indy/chal-s Avl RFQ
030-1102-001 silicon graphics inc 0301102001 pca o2 pga triton 180sc cpu board w/ cpu Avl RFQ
030-1138-002-REV-B silicon graphics inc 0301138002revb cpu module 175mhz r10kgp25a-bap-1c Avl RFQ
030-1276-001 silicon graphics inc 0301276001 silicon graphics o2 cpu Avl RFQ
030-1708-002--H silicon graphics inc 0301708002h ip35 500mhz r14k 2mb scache cpu module tpass gp38/281-b55- Avl RFQ
030-1730-002-A silicon graphics inc 0301730002a ip35 600mhz mips r14k cpu module tpass st281-b40-1c Avl RFQ
030-2165-005 silicon graphics inc 0302165005 altix 450 2-way cpu/memory board Avl RFQ
030-8252-005 silicon graphics inc 0308252005 indy r4600sc133mhz cpu mod. Avl RFQ
03H4939 ibm 486dx-266 intel i486 dx/2 cpu Avl RFQ
03K9350 ibm cable power backplane to cpu Avl RFQ
03K9672 ibm processor cpu pentium ii p2 400mhz Avl RFQ
03N2499 ibm system board ( motherboard ). dual cpu 6889/97 m-pro weight 4.00 lbs. Avl RFQ
03N3297 ibm eserver pseries 7025-f50/rs/6000 system board ( motherboard ) w/cage w/o cpu weight 4.00 lbs. Avl RFQ
03R0298 ibm heat sink for northwoods cpu thinkcentre weight 1.00 lbs. Avl RFQ
03R5970 ibm 1.2ghz cpu 32x; 4800-721 23k8039 Avl RFQ
03Y573 dell new this 03y573 3y753 is a green cpu bracket. 90 day warranty Avl RFQ
044-1039 octel 0441039 pcb cpu v2 Avl RFQ
0462P dell precision workstation dual cpu fan shroud Avl RFQ
047MF dell /intel piii-500mhz mmc 128k notebook cpu 047mf Avl RFQ

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