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At Expedited Quoting, we provide a range of IT hardware parts from American Microsystems. These parts come with part numbers such as KDT750-0012, KDT750-0010, KDT750-0004, KDT750-0003, KDT750-0002, allowing you to quickly and easily find them in our search engines. This website is owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, an FAA AC 0056B accredited and ISO 9001:2015 certified company. If you’d like to get a quote for parts, simply fill out and submit an Instant RFQ on this web-page right now.

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Part No Description QTY RFQ
WP91016L1 NA Avl RFQ
PA09002400-01R transmit/receive linear amp Avl RFQ
M7501-0611-00 triton, 2d imager, handle, 35-key, 802.11b/g/n Avl RFQ
M7501-0601-00 triton, 2d imager, handle, 55-key, 802.1 Avl RFQ
M7501-0511-00 triton, lorax laser, handle, 35-key, 80 Avl RFQ
M7501-0111-00 triton, laser, handle, 35-key, 802.11b/g Avl RFQ
M7500-0611-00 triton, 2d imager, 35-key, 802.11b/g/n Avl RFQ
M7500-0601-00 triton, 2d imager, 55-key, 802.11b/g/n Avl RFQ
M7500-0511-00 triton, lorax laser, 35-key, 802.11b/g/ Avl RFQ
M7500-0501-00 triton, lorax laser, 55-key, 802.11b/g/n Avl RFQ
M7500-0111-00 triton, laser, 35-key, 802.11b/g/n Avl RFQ
M7500-0101-00 triton, laser, 55-key, 802.11b/g/n Avl RFQ
M7225-2600-10 m7225,802.11gsummit,2dimager,handle Avl RFQ
M7225-2600-00 m7225,802.11gsummit,2dimager,ce6.0 Avl RFQ
M7225-2500-10 m7225, 802.11g summit, lorax laser, ce6.0 Avl RFQ
M7225-2100-10 m7225,802.11gsummit,laser,handlece6.0 Avl RFQ
M7225-2100-00 m7225,802.11gsummit,laser,ce6.0 Avl RFQ
M7225-2000-10 m7225,802.11gsummit,noscanner,handl Avl RFQ
M7225-2000-00 m7225,802.11gsummit,noscanner,ce6.0 Avl RFQ
M7225-0600-10 m7225,batch,2dimager,handle,ce6.0 Avl RFQ
M7225-0600-00 m7225,batch,2dimager,ce6.0 Avl RFQ
M7225-0200-10 m7225,batch,lrlaser,handle,ce6.0 Avl RFQ
M7225-0200-00 m7225,batch,lrlaser,ce6.0 Avl RFQ
M7225-0100-10 m7225,batch,laser,handle,ce6.0 Avl RFQ
M7225-0100-00 m7225,batch,laser,ce6.0 Avl RFQ
M7225-0000-10 m7225,batch,noscanner,handle,ce6.0 Avl RFQ
M7225-0000-00 m7225,batch,noscanner,ce6.0 Avl RFQ
M7221-0611-00 m7221, 802.11b/g, 2d imager, num, hand Avl RFQ
M7221-0601-00 m7221, 802.11b/g, 2d imager, alpha, hand Avl RFQ
M7221-0511-00 model m7221 (with pistol grip handle) lorax, 802.11b/g 802.11b/g Avl RFQ
M7221-0111-00 m7221, 802.11b/g, las, num, hand Avl RFQ
M7220-0611-00 m7220, 802.11b/g, 2d imager, num Avl RFQ
M7220-0601-00 m7220, 802.11b/g, 2d imager, alpha Avl RFQ
M7220-0111-00 m7220 wireless hand-held terminals, 802.11b/g radio, laser scanner, 35-key numer Avl RFQ
M71V2-0601-00 m71v2, 802.11b, 2d imager, alpha Avl RFQ
M5901-0611 m5901 w/ 2d imager, handle, numeric keyp Avl RFQ
M5901-0601 m5901 w/ 2d imager, handle, alphanumeric Avl RFQ
M5901-0111 m5901 w/ laser, handle, numeric keypad Avl RFQ
M5900-0611 m5900 w/ 2d imager, numeric keypad Avl RFQ
M5900-0601 m5900 w/ 2d imager, alphanumeric keypad Avl RFQ
M5900-0111 m5900 w/ laser, numeric keypad Avl RFQ
KDT900-0114 kdt900, battery, 802.11g, omni laser Avl RFQ
KDT900-0113 kdt900, battery, 802.11g, 1d laser Avl RFQ
KDT900-0112 kdt900,batt,802.11g,2d Avl RFQ
KDT900-0110 kdt900,batt,802.11g,no scanner Avl RFQ
KDT900-0103 kdt900, battery, 1d laser Avl RFQ
KDT900-0100 kdt900,batt,no scanner Avl RFQ
KDT900-0014 kdt900, 802.11g Avl RFQ
KDT900-0013 kdt900, 802.11g, 1d laser Avl RFQ
KDT900-0012 kdt900,802.11g,2d Avl RFQ
KDT900-0010 kdt900,802.11g,no scanner Avl RFQ
KDT900-0004 kdt900, omni laser Avl RFQ
KDT900-0003 kdt900, 1d laser Avl RFQ
KDT900-0002PC kdt9000, 2d imager, poe, price checker Avl RFQ
KDT900-0002 kdt900,2d Avl RFQ
KDT900-0000 kdt900,no scanner Avl RFQ
KDT750-0113 kdt750, battery, 802.11g, 1d laser Avl RFQ
KDT750-0112 kdt750, battery, 802.11g, 2d Avl RFQ
KDT750-0110 kdt750, battery, 802.11g, no scanner Avl RFQ
KDT750-0104 kdt750, battery, omni laser Avl RFQ
KDT750-0103 kdt750, battery, 1d laser Avl RFQ
KDT750-0102 kdt750, battery, 2d Avl RFQ
KDT750-0100 kdt750, battery, no scanner Avl RFQ
KDT750-0014 kdt750, 802.11g, omni laser Avl RFQ
KDT750-0013 kdt750, 802.11g, 1d laser Avl RFQ
KDT750-0012 kdt750, 802.11g, 2d Avl RFQ
KDT750-0010 kdt750, 802.11g, no scanner Avl RFQ
KDT750-0004 kdt750, omni laser Avl RFQ
KDT750-0003 kdt750, 1d laser Avl RFQ
KDT750-0002 kdt750, 2d Avl RFQ
KDT750-0000 kdt750, no scanner Avl RFQ
KDT3-0013 media center - kdt3 - small form factor - 600 mhz - 256 mb - ram: 128 mb - micro Avl RFQ
KDT3-0012 media center - kdt3 - small form factor - 600 mhz - 256 mb - ram: 128 mb - micro Avl RFQ
KDT3-0010 media center - kdt3 - small form factor - 600 mhz - 256 mb - ram: 128 mb - micro Avl RFQ
KDT3-0003 media center - kdt3 - small form factor - 600 mhz - 256 mb - ram: 128 mb - micro Avl RFQ
KDT3-0002 media center - kdt3 - small form factor - 600 mhz - 256 mb - ram: 128 mb - micro Avl RFQ
KDT3-0000 media center - kdt3 - small form factor - 600 mhz - 256 mb - ram: 128 mb - micro Avl RFQ
ACC-5925 B 1810 aml, m71v2, m7220, m7221, m7225, m5900, charger, single slo Avl RFQ
ACC-0750 pole mount, kdt750/900 Avl RFQ
900-7HND-10 battery door, latch, o-ring assy, hande, Avl RFQ
77-331-04 NA Avl RFQ
77-135-91 NA Avl RFQ
77-131-02 NA Avl RFQ
03220-001 33 NA Avl RFQ
03219-001 33 NA Avl RFQ

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