Parts Manufactured by this CAGE Code 59042

The Commercial and Government Entity Code 59042 refers to the manufacturer Cbs Broadcasting Inc. Part numbers such as 8713A38, 8713A37, 7998A07IT3, 7998A07IT2, 7998A07IT1 from manufacturer Cbs Broadcasting Inc of  Code 59042 with Wrench Spanner, Wrench Socket, Wrench Set Socket, Wrench Ratchet, Wrench Drain Plug and NSN 5120013318247, 5120013078805, 5120013239982, 5120012287229, 5120015436478 available in stock. Our team cross-reference CAGE codes with NSN and part numbers to ensure that you get the exact part that you are looking for. If you are ready to get started, simply fill out the Instant RFQ form on this page, and our account managers will respond as soon as possible. 

Manufacturer for CAGE Code 59042

Part Numbers List for CAGE Code 59042

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
8712A43 wrench spanner 5120-01-331-8247 Avl RFQ
8712A41 wrench spanner 5120-01-307-8805 Avl RFQ
8712A95H01 wrench socket 5120-01-323-9982 Avl RFQ
1147D021147D20 wrench set socket 5120-01-228-7229 Avl RFQ
5942D773G5 wrench ratchet 5120-01-543-6478 Avl RFQ
5942D73G4 wrench ratchet 5120-01-543-6477 Avl RFQ
5942D73G3 wrench ratchet 5120-01-543-6474 Avl RFQ
5942D73G2 wrench ratchet 5120-01-543-6481 Avl RFQ
5942D73G1 wrench ratchet 5120-01-543-6468 Avl RFQ
1148D91GR4 wrench drain plug 5120-01-371-1347 Avl RFQ
1148D91GR3 wrench drain plug 5120-01-371-1348 Avl RFQ
1148D91GR1 wrench drain plug 5120-01-371-1350 Avl RFQ
6001B34G01 wire rope assembly 4010-01-565-4650 Avl RFQ
6001B32G02 wire rope assembly 4010-01-565-4646 Avl RFQ
1148D90PC5GP9-10 wire rope assembly 4010-01-371-2412 Avl RFQ
1148D90PC5GP1-8 wire rope assembly 4010-01-371-2411 Avl RFQ
1147D06GP3 wire rope assembly 4010-01-225-1409 Avl RFQ
115J714-3 wedge special 5120-01-548-9163 Avl RFQ
926B786 washer flat 5310-01-664-8222 Avl RFQ
917J867G01 transformer power 5950-01-234-0160 Avl RFQ
701J868G01 transformer power 5950-01-234-0160 Avl RFQ
585F330H16 transformer power 5950-01-234-0160 Avl RFQ
926B852PC6 tool remover specia 5120-01-253-9928 Avl RFQ
876-A-210 switch rotary 5930-01-597-0968 Avl RFQ
926B851PC6926B852PC5 swaging sleeve wire 4030-01-260-7831 Avl RFQ
1148D90PC6GP1-8 swaging sleeve wire 4030-01-371-9925 Avl RFQ
909034-14 spanner attachment 5120-01-290-1555 Avl RFQ
1147D21PC2 3 spacer set sleeve 5365-01-200-4451 Avl RFQ
8714A42 socket socket wrenc 5120-01-415-1742 Avl RFQ
8710A64-0093 socket socket wrenc 5130-01-264-2055 Avl RFQ
3267C05P1 socket socket wrenc 5120-01-564-4920 Avl RFQ
1147D20 socket socket wrenc 5120-01-228-0720 Avl RFQ
5942D13 shear rng proficin 3436-01-520-8569 Avl RFQ
1576E74-22 shackle 4030-01-228-4870 Avl RFQ
1176J92-22 shackle 4030-00-542-3179 Avl RFQ
7511E47 sfc shop proficincy 3436-01-529-0334 Avl RFQ
5942D9032C069032C37H0351 seal plug mockup 3436-01-577-5627 Avl RFQ
5942D169032C069032C37H0341 seal plug mockup 3436-01-577-5625 Avl RFQ
5942D159032C069032C37H0361 seal plug mockup 3436-01-577-5630 Avl RFQ
5942D159032C069032C37 seal plug mockup 3436-01-520-8571 Avl RFQ
5942D159032C069032C37-UNTHRD seal plug mock unt 3436-01-544-1451 Avl RFQ
5942D12 seal plate proficin 3436-01-520-8567 Avl RFQ
5942D11 seal plate proficin 3436-01-520-8567 Avl RFQ
926B856PC5B screwdriver special 5120-01-253-4620 Avl RFQ
909A357-14 saw steel 3455-01-447-1190 Avl RFQ
921E316 ITEM 9 rope wire 4010-01-169-2157 Avl RFQ
SFA-5.9 ER316LER316116 rod welding 3439-01-553-1631 Avl RFQ
SFA-5.9 ER316ER316332 rod welding 3439-01-553-1625 Avl RFQ
8713A51 ring brazing 3439-01-031-5031 Avl RFQ
YR1B100KCC resistor network fixed wire woun 5905-01-666-6843 Avl RFQ
6001B66 resistor network fixed wire woun 5905-01-666-6843 Avl RFQ
921E394ITEM3 puller mechanical 5120-01-213-6252 Avl RFQ
1147D11ITEM2 puller mechanical 5120-01-331-8427 Avl RFQ
1147D11 puller mechanical 5120-01-213-6252 Avl RFQ
926B856PC5A plug removal tool s 5120-01-253-4619 Avl RFQ
926B854PC5GP13 plug removal tool s 5120-01-253-6281 Avl RFQ
926B862PC12 pin aligning tool s 5120-01-262-0037 Avl RFQ
8710A48 miniature avc 3431-01-215-4402 Avl RFQ
7511E49 machine sfc qual 3436-01-520-8566 Avl RFQ
115J714-9 locator pin 5120-01-548-9157 Avl RFQ
909A095 lcdm tools 5180-01-230-2564 Avl RFQ
131J638ITEM20 large wrench 5120-01-597-2583 Avl RFQ
8710A64-0157 key socket head scr 5120-01-228-0721 Avl RFQ
S9217-CH-MMA-000CH1VL1FIG1.1-1 irpiacad pc printer 7010-01-533-4799 Avl RFQ
7997A80 inst removl tools 5120-01-483-6196 Avl RFQ
909A356-31 glass cup 3439-01-240-1378 Avl RFQ
90003020 AND 90003067 flt trn n strg case 7045-01-598-3958 Avl RFQ
U0881 dvd reader 7025-01-588-7503 Avl RFQ
7511E23ITEM5 dunnage pneumatic 3990-01-391-4902 Avl RFQ
7511E23ITEM4 dunnage pneumatic 3990-01-391-4899 Avl RFQ
7511E23ITEM2 dunnage pneumatic 3990-01-391-4896 Avl RFQ
7511E23ITEM1 dunnage pneumatic 3990-01-391-4895 Avl RFQ
8714A50PC24 display unit 7025-01-442-9034 Avl RFQ
3267C06P1 crowfoot wrench 5120-01-564-5074 Avl RFQ
8712A94H01 crowfoot attachment 5120-01-323-9983 Avl RFQ
1176J92 container welding m 3432-01-232-4077 Avl RFQ
909A091-1 container tool spec 5140-01-356-9210 Avl RFQ
7998A41ITEM5 computer system dig 7010-01-549-6063 Avl RFQ
7998A41ITEM1 computer system dig 7010-01-527-6233 Avl RFQ
PENTIUM IV 2.8GHZ computer digital mi 7021-01-541-3738 Avl RFQ
HCER2010MOD computer digital 7021-01-583-7766 Avl RFQ
7997A-83 clamp material lift 3940-01-485-0371 Avl RFQ
8710A64-0434 cable welding equip 3438-00-709-0728 Avl RFQ
8713A54 brazing alloy silve 3439-01-036-1266 Avl RFQ
8713A53 brazing alloy silve 3439-01-036-1265 Avl RFQ
8713A50 brazing alloy silve 3439-01-017-1409 Avl RFQ
8713A49 brazing alloy silve 3439-01-017-1408 Avl RFQ
8713A48 brazing alloy silve 3439-01-017-1407 Avl RFQ
8713A47 brazing alloy silve 3439-01-017-1406 Avl RFQ
8713A46 brazing alloy silve 3439-01-017-1405 Avl RFQ
8713A43 brazing alloy silve 3439-01-017-1402 Avl RFQ
8713A42 brazing alloy silve 3439-01-017-1399 Avl RFQ
8713A41 brazing alloy silve 3439-01-017-1398 Avl RFQ
8713A40 brazing alloy silve 3439-01-545-4818 Avl RFQ
8713A39 brazing alloy silve 3439-01-017-1396 Avl RFQ
8713A38 brazing alloy silve 3439-01-017-1395 Avl RFQ
8713A37 brazing alloy silve 3439-01-016-6462 Avl RFQ
7998A07IT3 bag ship to ship tr 2090-01-496-2660 Avl RFQ
7998A07IT2 bag ship to ship tr 2090-01-496-2652 Avl RFQ
7998A07IT1 bag ship to ship tr 2090-01-496-2649 Avl RFQ

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