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General Electric Company, often referred to as just “GE”, is an American conglomerate that designs, manufacturers, and sells products pertaining to aviation, electrical distribution, energy, lighting, health, Electric Motors, and more. The company was founded in 1892 by Thomas Edison, J. P. Morgan, and other notable founders. General Electric has had many acquisitions and divestments as they slowly expanded their business.

GE Aviation is General Electric’s aviation subsidiary, formed in 1917. Operating from Evendale, Ohio, United States, GE Aviation serves as one of the top aircraft engine and aviation parts suppliers in the aviation industry. GE Aviation has a well developed product portfolio, encompassing products such as turbojets, afterburning turbofans, low-bypass turbofans, light turbofans, high-bypass turbofans, turboprops, propfans , turboshafts, vehicle propulsion, and more. Currently, General Electric Aviation conducts business ventures and contracts for a variety of clientele. For Boeing, GE Aviation produces power products for their 787, and had held exclusive rights to work on the Boeing 747-8 for two years. For the Department of Defense, GE manufacturers and assembles jet engines.

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CAGE Code: 03505, 08806, 0SAM5, 1E255, 5KFP6, 0ABH7, 0CCC0, 0PG62, 16784, 3H6T1, 66434, 97425, 03294, 1A406, 4T674, 50566, 67110, 01XK9, 1SW31, 24452, 30552, 3D565, 60099, 77393, 95018, 02639, 08931, 0EE74, 2U774, 90702, 03517, 1U621, 29490, 30222, 36ZP1, 72684, 08805, 08808, 0AZP3, 1A408, 30464, 69629, 7L408, 89730, H3845, 05344, 60929, 93199, 03497, 10007, 14064, 66464, 78792, 03595, 04615, 06083, 0TD34, 17237, 28339, 59651, 9A849, 9F057, 03575, 04314, 16867, 1DD72, 20070, 21150, 24447, 43123, 90080, 98863, 01002, 14736, 3J722, 4MQL9, 03510, 03513, 08603, 62606, 8C817, 8L639, 99142, 9A859, 01748, 02989, 03502, 08798, 08801, 15226, 1R513, 2L257, 44382, 99207, 02580, 062W0, 13545, 1K9L8, 24454, 24455, 24457, 3H255, 3P780, 93125, 01ZA6, 05326, 08771, 0G0L9, 0WVH0, 59436, 5S877, 72799, 88422, 00261, 01289, 0R9Z0, 1HL38, 24456, 2H388, 4E942, 67067, 85599, 93519, 99521, 03573, 03576, 06001, 0L5X9, 21151, 5Y039, 73773, 90278, 93201, 93217, 93218, 05368, 60969, 96972, 1U4B5, 21152, 46387, 59846, 93351, 03570, 53L27, 80971, 95412, 0VGD8, 21148, 24449, 63233, 95017, 01288, 03596, 06247, 08804, 08807, 0JXA5, 24451, 29834, 6V976, 6Z9H7, 9C122, 0FVP2, 12532, 4R838, 58888, 04290, 09818, 4B147, 9A852, 03516, 04244, 24445, 2X209, 41326, 59669, 5J724, 03350, 03511, 09172, 4H565, 5Y040, 75766, 94989, 03508, 03597, 08291, 0NPK9, 0PGW7, 1SLS5, 24446, 30221, 4K400, 50706, 50E49, 64670, 03512, 04242, 07482, 09019, 0JZJ1, 34700, 89380, 29456, 7H858, 02295, 03499, 09214, 16316, 1DUN1, 1M799, 21149, 7L239, 7V953, 81893, 8B402, 8L720, 2L365, 71669
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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
WW9481407PC2 2010-00-368-9121 shaft quill Avl RFQ
WW8453365PC115 3120-00-339-4467 bushing sleeve Avl RFQ
WT45503 5120-00-903-2686 tool engine Avl RFQ
W8119650-115DC 4130-00-276-0404 condensing unit ref Avl RFQ
W8119635PC46 4130-00-399-4664 disk valve Avl RFQ
W8119589PC24 4130-00-469-5029 rod connecting Avl RFQ
W8119589ITEM37 5120-00-367-2453 remover seal Avl RFQ
W8119569ITEM33 4130-00-394-8179 flange suction Avl RFQ
W8119568ITEM8 4130-00-313-9149 retainer suction va Avl RFQ
W8119396ITEM3 4130-00-469-5042 piston suction valv Avl RFQ
W8119377PC29 4130-00-469-5042 piston suction valv Avl RFQ
U4959 5120-00-903-2691 puller mechanical Avl RFQ
TYPE 1401-SP 3940-01-548-0159 sling multiple leg Avl RFQ
RC42BF752J 5905-00-171-2032 resistor fixed comp Avl RFQ
PP8151551PC70 4130-00-447-3785 disk valve Avl RFQ
PL-509E230BA PIECE 5 2825-01-169-9583 lever pump turbine Avl RFQ
PL-509E230BA PIECE 4 2825-01-169-9580 plate pump turbine Avl RFQ
PL-501E445AC277 2825-01-169-2877 bar pump Avl RFQ
PL-125D206BE1 2825-01-178-2899 plate pump steam tu Avl RFQ
N22P21008 5306-01-416-8946 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LM3192 5133-01-531-0030 universal socket Avl RFQ
LM 1188 4730-01-568-9252 coupling drainage p Avl RFQ
L43136G01 4010-01-515-6879 wire rope assembly Avl RFQ
L250053A 5120-01-564-5544 alignment pin final Avl RFQ
L22311G06 4010-01-373-0045 rail safety Avl RFQ
L22310G05 4010-01-371-6699 chain bead Avl RFQ
K7875267 5940-00-231-1570 terminal lug Avl RFQ
JRC3022 5120-01-564-5527 bristol spline tool Avl RFQ
JRC3010 5120-01-564-5530 inserter seal Avl RFQ
IC9006A90CG50A62 5905-00-054-3282 resistor fixed wire Avl RFQ
IC642PDG252A 7025-01-296-8666 disk drive unit Avl RFQ
IC610CHS100A 7025-01-259-5696 base programmable c Avl RFQ
IC3600LLXA1 3950-00-915-9431 logic card Avl RFQ
HN322-391 4010-01-351-0348 wire rope assembly Avl RFQ
GTMU101SP 5120-01-564-5523 socket socket wrenc Avl RFQ
G105172-1 5935-00-305-0009 insert electrical c Avl RFQ
CR7930NA115G3 6110-00-611-7470 regulator voltage Avl RFQ
CM-NO. 2502 3950-01-334-1890 hoist chain Avl RFQ
C16A141 4130-00-367-2090 plate shaft seal cl Avl RFQ
9893572G5 6620-00-703-0250 base plate assembly Avl RFQ
9886068G6 6620-00-538-8746 stator generator Avl RFQ
9850096G3 6620-00-869-9306 spring assembly Avl RFQ
9481428-2 2010-00-399-3998 worm and shaft Avl RFQ
9415M65P01 5120-00-404-9993 straightening tool Avl RFQ
9415M60P01 5120-00-404-9874 prebend tool rotor Avl RFQ
9414M83G01 5120-00-465-7730 wrench retainer nut Avl RFQ
9407M19G01 5120-00-410-9110 inserter bearing an Avl RFQ
9406M55G01 5120-00-410-9068 clamp rotor blade Avl RFQ
931A412-23P1 5120-01-034-5293 clamp half rh thd Avl RFQ
9074026 5120-00-131-9662 puller mechanical Avl RFQ
8TJ50GBM5 6620-00-621-2902 transmitter rate of Avl RFQ
8TJ19AAK 6610-00-663-8408 transmitter positio Avl RFQ
8DJ89CAK2 6610-00-561-9381 indicator tachomete Avl RFQ
8DJ67FAT1 6620-00-808-7277 indicator electrica Avl RFQ
8DJ49LAS2 6610-00-084-1128 indicator position Avl RFQ
8DJ48LWB2 6620-00-881-3908 indicator position Avl RFQ
8DJ19ACB 6620-00-526-6640 indicator electrica Avl RFQ
8DJ106AAB1 6610-01-024-3060 indicator position Avl RFQ
897A739AA-001 6105-01-210-5082 cap grounding brush Avl RFQ
8922766G01 5120-00-500-7871 puller mechanical Avl RFQ
8900797G1 6620-00-511-3335 gear and hub assemb Avl RFQ
871E444PIECE40 2010-01-076-1146 bearing assembly Avl RFQ
8495658 5310-00-480-0374 washer island fitti Avl RFQ
7LM2500AA112G03 2835-01-571-5167 engine gas turbine Avl RFQ
7515141G1 5120-00-771-3226 friction plug wrenc Avl RFQ
7506335-1 5120-00-561-3313 tool Avl RFQ
747C654-020 2010-01-087-5347 signal device engin Avl RFQ
737L400G01 2840-01-528-6875 parts kit turbine e Avl RFQ
737L232G03 2840-01-528-6876 parts kit turbine e Avl RFQ
736L819G01 2840-01-528-6866 parts kit turbine e Avl RFQ
736L680G01 4010-01-443-5988 wire rope assembly Avl RFQ
705B169P4 5330-00-421-1147 packing with retain Avl RFQ
683L996G03 2840-01-528-6865 parts kit turbine e Avl RFQ
6658953-001 5360-00-446-6408 spring helical comp Avl RFQ
6650377PC41 2010-00-469-0832 wire rope assys sin Avl RFQ
6648377PC60 2010-00-469-0832 wire rope assys sin Avl RFQ
657D365008 2010-00-115-5163 bearing gear Avl RFQ
655D622PC11 2010-00-759-0044 bearing assembly Avl RFQ
655D621PC12 2010-00-923-4958 bearing assembly Avl RFQ
654D382-1 2010-00-991-0498 jack shaft Avl RFQ
652D723-8 2010-00-795-9906 bearing assembly Avl RFQ
612M3515 6105-00-609-6915 motor alternating c Avl RFQ
6041T48G01 2840-01-468-4336 stator sector acft Avl RFQ
6029T48G01 2840-00-411-6264 nozzle turbine turbine Avl RFQ
6029T45G11 2840-01-468-4337 nozzle acft gas tur Avl RFQ
5K184BG254 6105-00-841-5969 motor alternating c Avl RFQ
5K182AG1 6105-00-842-1412 motor alternating c Avl RFQ
5BT1344B30 6105-00-231-0561 motor direct curren Avl RFQ
589C516G1 5120-00-863-1272 device rotor turnin Avl RFQ
577L202ITEM28 5120-01-543-0021 puller mechanical Avl RFQ
5546851-1 5330-01-175-3576 retainer packing Avl RFQ
5483892G1 6620-00-019-8421 impeller assembly Avl RFQ
5480026G1 6615-00-704-9258 bracket and connect Avl RFQ
5468535G1 6620-00-628-2119 head and jewel asse Avl RFQ
5125T91P01 2840-01-514-1102 shaft turbine aircr Avl RFQ
5074T03P03 5340-01-576-4007 clamp loop Avl RFQ
5053T36P01 2840-01-468-4333 bearing roller acft Avl RFQ
5030T85P01 6610-01-136-4421 transmitter positio Avl RFQ
501E405YFFN31 5306-01-416-8945 bolt machine Avl RFQ
5015T81G02 2840-01-468-4335 stator sector acft Avl RFQ
416B393P1 5330-00-621-5954 gasket Avl RFQ
4152232G8 6620-00-536-5005 disk and hub assemb Avl RFQ
4147T26P03 6150-01-629-1673 cable assembly spec Avl RFQ
4147T24P03 6150-01-629-1678 cable assembly spec Avl RFQ
4147T22P03 6150-01-629-1681 cable assembly spec Avl RFQ
4145839G19 6620-00-708-2686 bridge and jewel as Avl RFQ
4145566P44 6620-00-628-2117 spring control Avl RFQ
4141196P3 6620-00-613-2358 key shaft Avl RFQ
4096T45P13 5305-01-614-7645 screw cap socket he Avl RFQ
4088T42P01 6620-01-328-6973 indicator electrica Avl RFQ
4061T00G07 2840-01-131-0442 vane segment and seal Avl RFQ
4033530P002 5120-00-968-7911 insert alignment to Avl RFQ
3C3549G01 5120-01-226-7978 inserter bearing an Avl RFQ
3C3501G02 5120-01-230-5981 inserter and remove Avl RFQ
3C3484G01 5180-01-204-6267 tool set Avl RFQ
3C3445G01 5120-01-210-3297 rotator Avl RFQ
3C3394P05 5120-01-327-0501 arbor balance impel Avl RFQ
3C3268P01 5120-01-147-6142 tool special purpos Avl RFQ
3C3259P05 5120-01-317-9123 tool adjuster vane Avl RFQ
3C3138G01 5120-01-135-8922 shaft igb rotation Avl RFQ
3C3130G01 5120-01-136-5962 wrench special purp Avl RFQ
3C3003P38 5120-01-060-8340 tool assembly Avl RFQ
3C3003P209 5120-01-329-4817 adjustment tool spe Avl RFQ
3C3003P207 5120-01-329-2348 compressor spring s Avl RFQ
36A228274G3 3040-01-018-4156 shaft shouldered Avl RFQ
36A225483P1 6115-00-869-4102 clamp bearing Avl RFQ
34A804672-001 4130-01-553-2335 heating element ele Avl RFQ
323B180PC1 2010-00-024-0241 coupling high speed Avl RFQ
3049T98G07 2995-01-533-9827 digital electronic Avl RFQ
3024T32P09 6615-01-176-3531 jet servocylinder h Avl RFQ
3020T97P17 5315-00-518-4576 pin straight headed Avl RFQ
2C6063G01 5120-01-111-3344 puller retaining r Avl RFQ
288C712 2010-00-024-0315 shaft quill low pre Avl RFQ
275D114PC1 2010-00-300-4557 bearing assembly Avl RFQ
24199207653D976P05 3110-01-518-5515 bearing roller cyli Avl RFQ
21C933P01 5120-00-888-8000 crowfoot attachment Avl RFQ
21C912-153 6150-01-305-1732 cable assembly spec Avl RFQ
21C893G1 5120-00-785-7379 flaring tool Avl RFQ
21C8005G03 5120-01-113-4409 wrench torque speci Avl RFQ
21C666G1 5120-00-714-7374 puller mechanical Avl RFQ
21C6301G01 5120-01-515-6724 inserter seal Avl RFQ
21C6086G01 5120-00-001-2660 restraint tool shro Avl RFQ
21C5747G01 5120-01-021-8593 puller fan Avl RFQ
21C5413G01 5120-01-115-3154 pusher compressor r Avl RFQ
21C537G001 5120-00-716-5588 puller mechanical Avl RFQ
21C5193G03 5120-01-015-2285 wrench spanner Avl RFQ
21C5066G01 5130-00-213-4005 pusher fan shaft Avl RFQ
21C480 5120-00-804-4430 socket socket wrenc Avl RFQ
21C4342G01 5120-01-016-6498 puller cover outer Avl RFQ
21C366G003 5120-00-023-2028 puller Avl RFQ
21C3551G002 5120-01-069-3637 installation tool r Avl RFQ
21C3522G001 5120-01-038-1297 puller mechanical Avl RFQ
21C3520G001 5120-01-037-4742 puller mechanical Avl RFQ
21C2621P011 5120-00-051-3024 pusher Avl RFQ
21C2619-022 5120-00-021-0025 pusher Avl RFQ
21C2201-123 6620-00-062-9722 transmitter Avl RFQ
21C2188P011 5120-00-261-2628 pilot seal Avl RFQ
21C1737G01 5120-01-140-3938 puller hydraulic Avl RFQ
21C1449P011R 5120-00-163-6254 wrench torque Avl RFQ
21C14141G03 5130-01-461-9374 puller hydraulic Avl RFQ
21C1362G001 5120-00-753-5391 wrench spanner Avl RFQ
21C1118G001 5120-00-571-7693 pusher bearing Avl RFQ
1C7022G01 5120-01-046-4119 installation tool c Avl RFQ
1C6285G01 5180-00-163-9843 tool set stator van Avl RFQ
1C5998G01 5120-00-116-8136 puller mechanical Avl RFQ
1C5984P20 5120-00-192-1593 wrench spanner Avl RFQ
1C5797P44 5180-00-255-3014 driver set turbine Avl RFQ
1C5797P42 5180-00-255-3017 driver set turbine Avl RFQ
1C5731G01 5120-00-831-7080 wrench assembly spa Avl RFQ
1C5705P05 4010-01-014-2542 wire rope assembly Avl RFQ
1C5685G01 5120-00-878-6681 puller bearing race Avl RFQ
1C5279-1P4 5120-01-049-5403 jaw Avl RFQ
1C5236G1 5120-00-952-0195 inserter bearing an Avl RFQ
1C3850P3 5120-01-034-5279 puller assy Avl RFQ
1C2793-1 5120-00-652-0331 flaring tool tube h Avl RFQ
1C2642P6D 5315-00-119-9230 screw Avl RFQ
1C2642P3 5120-00-454-4524 lug spanner wrench Avl RFQ
1C2636G3 5180-00-773-8704 tool set disassembl Avl RFQ
1C2636-46 5120-00-005-7271 pusher Avl RFQ
19C10A332 4130-00-469-4958 valve plate compres Avl RFQ
189B149G1 5120-00-318-9990 pin starter Avl RFQ
17A8066P14 5306-01-262-6532 tie bolt Avl RFQ
165A254AB-1 2825-01-178-2898 nozzle oil spray Avl RFQ
1405M89 4810-01-289-1296 valve globe Avl RFQ
134B250AA-19 2825-01-182-2240 rod guide turbine Avl RFQ
131B215 2925-00-636-4026 cable assembly spec Avl RFQ
1311M30P01 6620-01-192-3927 converter signal da Avl RFQ
1296M73P03 6620-01-525-8115 transmitter pressur Avl RFQ
125D261AC-1 2825-01-182-0651 blading assembly st Avl RFQ
125D147DX-15 2910-01-183-5993 nozzle steam turbin Avl RFQ
11C1845G001 5120-00-758-6607 wrench Avl RFQ
106C7150-8 3990-01-138-7396 skid shipping and s Avl RFQ
105F103AA PIECE 36 2825-01-182-2235 fulcrum and spindle Avl RFQ
101B450CD-1 2825-01-192-3614 plunger gear Avl RFQ
101B356 AY-1 2825-01-182-0661 valve turbine Avl RFQ
101B236VEGRP1 2825-00-679-9919 packing assembly la Avl RFQ
101B209CR1 4820-00-977-2788 seat valve Avl RFQ
101A838AC1 5330-01-175-3577 retainer packing Avl RFQ
101356BA-2 2825-01-182-2975 valve turbine Avl RFQ
0165A7844P3 5905-00-330-9617 resistor fixed comp Avl RFQ

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