Parts Manufactured by this National Aerospace Standards CAGE Code 80205

The Commercial and Government Entity Code 80205 refers to the manufacturer National Aerospace Standards. Part numbers such as NAS650-10R, NAS1455, NAS1201C6A13B, NAS1455B30-6, NAS464-10-32 from manufacturer National Aerospace Standards of  Code 80205 with Chain Assembly Sing, Chain Weldless, Streamer Warning, Chain Bead, Drill Twist and NSN 4010015438327, 4010002743482, 8345013815367, 4010004942850, 5133014373751 available in stock. Our team cross-reference CAGE codes with NSN and part numbers to ensure that you get the exact part that you are looking for. If you are ready to get started, simply fill out the Instant RFQ form on this page, and our account managers will respond as soon as possible. 

CAGE Code 80205 Details

Status : A Type : C Woman Owned : N Business Type : N
Business Size : N Primary Business : N CAO Code : S2404A ADP Code : -

Manufacturer for CAGE Code 80205

Part Numbers List for CAGE Code 80205

Part No Item Name NSN QTY RFQ
NAS1201C10A3A chain assembly sing 4010-01-543-8327 Avl RFQ
NAS1455B1-6 chain weldless 4010-00-274-3482 Avl RFQ
NAS1091A120 streamer warning 8345-01-381-5367 Avl RFQ
NAS1201C6-16 chain bead 4010-00-494-2850 Avl RFQ
NAS907 TYJSZ1164 drill twist 5133-01-437-3751 Avl RFQ
MS17987C309 pin quick release 5340-00-498-6853 Avl RFQ
NAS907 TYJSZ1564 drill twist 5133-00-988-5702 Avl RFQ
NAS303-56-7000 wire rope assembly 4010-01-479-7621 Avl RFQ
NAS907 TYFSZ1 drill twist 5133-01-095-4739 Avl RFQ
NAS1334S5S05 pin quick release 5315-01-383-4879 Avl RFQ
NAS303R24-1306 wire rope assembly 4010-00-088-8007 Avl RFQ
NAS313C17-1840 wire rope assembly 4010-00-889-2314 Avl RFQ
NAS907 TYJSZO drill twist 5133-01-018-9810 Avl RFQ
NAS965 TYDSZ5 drill twist 5133-01-102-2878 Avl RFQ
NAS907 TYDSZ50 drill twist 5133-01-371-9998 Avl RFQ
NAS1201C6A5A chain assembly sing 4010-00-862-7587 Avl RFQ
NAS1455C8-5 chain weldless 4010-01-393-4838 Avl RFQ
NAS1304-84 bolt shear 5306-00-804-8034 Avl RFQ
NAS650S5LH terminal wire rope 4030-00-580-6786 Avl RFQ
NAS304-00-1193 wire rope assembly 4010-01-431-0598 Avl RFQ
NAS1201D6A11A chain assembly sing 4010-00-937-1693 Avl RFQ
NAS1043-6 shackle 4030-00-286-5433 Avl RFQ
NAS1455A00-1 chain weldless 4010-01-196-5615 Avl RFQ
NAS303-56-7014 wire rope assembly 4010-01-479-7404 Avl RFQ
NAS308R39-0272 wire rope assembly 4010-00-485-0274 Avl RFQ
NAS322H13-2570 wire rope assembly 4010-00-497-1288 Avl RFQ
NAS1455-00-6C chain weldless 4010-00-457-1220 Avl RFQ
NAS907 TYJSZ65 drill twist 5133-01-046-2890 Avl RFQ
NAS303-56-7852 wire rope assembly 4010-01-171-6371 Avl RFQ
NAS302-07-2754 wire rope assembly 4010-00-762-3408 Avl RFQ
NAS1049-20 link chain end 4010-00-074-2741 Avl RFQ
NAS1031N5 nut self locking plate 5310-00-619-1960 Avl RFQ
NAS1149 spacer ring 5365-00-720-8603 Avl RFQ
NAS303-27-0595 wire rope assembly 4010-01-042-2448 Avl RFQ
NAS1213R15A12 tie down cargo vehi 3990-01-574-5249 Avl RFQ
NAS907 TYFSZ1364 drill twist 5133-01-095-6720 Avl RFQ
NAS1212R20JK40 tie down cargo vehi 3990-01-574-5244 Avl RFQ
NAS965 drill twist 5133-01-520-5668 Avl RFQ
NAS1201C6C36 chain assembly sing 4010-01-343-1849 Avl RFQ
NAS1201B13A16A chain assembly sing 4010-00-283-0916 Avl RFQ
NAS4903U5 bolt close toleranc 5306-01-521-6819 Avl RFQ
NAS1049-24 link chain end 4010-00-075-5195 Avl RFQ
NAS907 TYFSZ29 drill twist 5133-01-095-4762 Avl RFQ
NAS1201B10A6B chain assembly sing 4010-00-068-5642 Avl RFQ
NAS907 TYJSZ48 drill twist 5133-01-144-5314 Avl RFQ
NAS303R34-5160 wire rope assembly 4010-00-338-5763 Avl RFQ
NAS1201C13B12 chain assembly sing 4010-01-421-3318 Avl RFQ
NAS1201C6B4B chain assembly sing 4010-00-058-2450 Avl RFQ
NAS323C22-0126 wire rope assembly 4010-01-561-2153 Avl RFQ
MS14181H06030L bolt shear 5306-01-623-2129 Avl RFQ
NAS303-56-6242 wire rope assembly 4010-01-147-4974 Avl RFQ
NAS907 TYDSZ37 drill twist 5133-00-988-5658 Avl RFQ
NAS907 TYFSZ52 drill twist 5133-01-095-4782 Avl RFQ
NAS1455-40-5C chain weldless 4010-00-262-1552 Avl RFQ
NAS1201C13B11B chain assembly sing 4010-00-343-5406 Avl RFQ
NAS303R22-0077 wire rope assembly 4010-00-332-4990 Avl RFQ
NAS907 TYJSZ7 drill twist 5133-00-409-0392 Avl RFQ
NAS1455-00-5C chain weldless 4010-00-457-1218 Avl RFQ
NAS6603DH10 bolt close toleranc 5306-01-576-3779 Avl RFQ
NAS1455C0-240 chain weldless 4010-01-063-8988 Avl RFQ
NAS907 TYFSZ564 drill twist 5133-01-095-6714 Avl RFQ
NAS907 TYFSZZ drill twist 5133-01-102-3331 Avl RFQ
NAS1201B10A168 chain assembly sing 4010-00-911-3874 Avl RFQ
NAS1042-8 shackle 4030-00-542-3180 Avl RFQ
NAS1091A84 streamer warning 8345-01-370-7516 Avl RFQ
NAS463WD10L nut spacer plate 5310-01-438-7327 Avl RFQ
NAS305R37-0437 wire rope assembly 4010-00-301-8561 Avl RFQ
NAS1455C35-17 chain weldless 4010-01-209-7473 Avl RFQ
NAS1677D9-29K clamp c 5120-01-580-8612 Avl RFQ
NAS1036N7 nut assembly self locking gang channel 5310-00-852-1114 Avl RFQ
NAS907 TYJSZ50 drill twist 5133-00-838-5387 Avl RFQ
NAS1580C7T10PX screw close toleran 5305-01-624-8452 Avl RFQ
NAS303-37-1322 wire rope assembly 4010-00-275-7764 Avl RFQ
NAS965 TYDSZ51 drill twist 5133-01-102-3323 Avl RFQ
NAS1201B10A14A chain assembly sing 4010-01-115-5418 Avl RFQ
NAS1201C10A118 chain assembly sing 4010-01-142-2969 Avl RFQ
NAS312C16-0305 wire rope assembly 4010-00-753-2873 Avl RFQ
78351 insert screw thread 5325-01-626-9020 Avl RFQ
NAS650L2RH terminal wire rope 4030-00-580-6824 Avl RFQ
MS51844-62 swaging sleeve wire 4030-01-590-7203 Avl RFQ
NAS313C36-0077 wire rope assembly 4010-00-486-3367 Avl RFQ
NAS1201D10A37A chain assembly sing 4010-00-659-6772 Avl RFQ
NAS1201B10A11B chain assembly sing 4010-00-880-5950 Avl RFQ
NAS1044-4 shackle 4030-00-481-0304 Avl RFQ
NAS302-27-0105 wire rope assembly 4010-00-068-0996 Avl RFQ
NAS1051-8 hook hoist 4030-00-995-1885 Avl RFQ
NAS305-24-2687 wire rope assembly 4010-00-877-5301 Avl RFQ
NAS1664-20 inserter and remove 5120-00-915-4587 Avl RFQ
NAS907 TYFSZG drill twist 5133-01-095-6705 Avl RFQ
NAS1201C10B14B chain assembly sing 4010-01-050-1603 Avl RFQ
NAS1790V3R21A screw close toleran 5305-01-618-5228 Avl RFQ
NASM10971 pin spring 5315-00-584-2311 Avl RFQ
NAS1455-35-16 chain weldless 4010-01-046-3456 Avl RFQ
NAS312-17-2120 wire rope assembly 4010-01-522-0477 Avl RFQ
NAS1790V3R24A screw close toleran 5305-01-618-5241 Avl RFQ
NAS650-10R terminal wire rope 4030-00-580-6772 Avl RFQ
NAS1455 chain weldless 4010-00-042-7913 Avl RFQ
NAS1201C6A13B chain assembly sing 4010-01-066-3616 Avl RFQ
NAS1455B30-6 chain weldless 4010-01-491-0051 Avl RFQ
NAS464-10-32 bolt shear 5306-01-477-1612 Avl RFQ

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